BDNA mission reset

I use two iPads.

I started the missions one of them.

I then went to the other iPad. It was already in game and went to in game upon logging in.

It didn’t detect a version difference.

I closed out of the game right away (I did tap a coin something on my way out).

I updated the game on the new iPad.

I found all of my missions for boss dna reset.

I did a pet mission and went back to the original iPad and the missions were reset and at the same pet mission point.

I wasn’t that far, no big loss or ticket needed for me.

As a warning to others, update everything at once.

I don’t know if the update caused the reset or logging into my old game.

We’ll see if anyone else notices anything.

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Not that I’m saying anyone should do this, but if you did 140 PvP battles for BDNA, reset, and did 140 more battles… you could get Just over 6000 BDNA.

I also had an issue with them resetting, although only on one device. I’d only done the petting one so it’s no bother but when I left the menu I had this glitch where some of the graphics disappeared so I reset the game and my BDNA mission had reset too.

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I had that glitch right after updating on both iPads. It went away after closing and reopening the game.

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So, you’re BDNA stayed the same, but your missions reset? Nice

Not by enough to make any difference for me.

My son’s Boss Missions just reset. Thus far, they have not rereset. The count is the same. While the chance ro get those easy Missions again is fine, we were close to completing a couple of those bigger Missions.

@Ned, @Keith, @Daven, should I turn in a ticket

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Hi Andy_wan_kenobi,
I think just for tracking it is a good idea to submit a ticket. I will also pass on the information to the team that missions have been resetting for some players.