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Be aware! There are no incubators in the summer champions bundle

It looks like such a deal from the picture: 2 summer sports incubators and 1200 cash for $9.99. You know what the sports incubators should include from the events. However, all I got from the deal were:

200 blue DNAs+200 TRex DNAs+1200 cash +rare scent

These DNAs are useless to me. I came here for the summer sports incubators! The picture and notes are extremely misleading or should I say cheating to put these sports incubators there while there are no actual contents from sports incubators!

Be aware!!


It literally shows you exactly what is included in the bundle, including the type of DNA you will receive.

That’s what you are saying now when I told you. However, who would equate a summer incubator to 200 DNAs only when you see the exact same incubators have a lot more in the event? Down there it says “minimum” not “you will get just these”.

Plus, no incubator was ever popped up.