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Be careful

My 5 year old son pressed some bottons and purchased someting I have no idea but the charged us 100 £.
Tried to complaine but the system doesnt allow you to comlpain. Not surprising.
I demend someone from jurrasic world to contact us asap.
This is not legal. To by pass my credit card autimatically with out an extra approvement.

We want our money back !

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Thats unfortunate. My settings on my iphone are set up that to the point that it requires my password to even download free apps. Good luck getting your money back tho.

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Punish him

Why him? He is 5 years old. Had no idea what he is pressing. The system and support should be more respectful to the users, this is no way to build trust.

You need to fix your personal security settings on your device. This isn’t Ludia’s fault. And I NEVER say that.

Mine is locked down to need a code to download anything at all. Especially important if your child is using the device.

There are many things a child can access on a device that accesses online content.
As a parent, you make sure they cannot access various types of content, along with your money.

I mean this kindly, honestly- £100 is a small cost when you consider what could pop up on a browser.
Please fix your security settings.


I agree there is an ammount of responsibility on my side, still think that charges are built in that way that mistakes like that will happen. Think of the benefit of companies like that, its probably milions a year.
Why other companies that I buy there on a regular basis never use my trust like that?
It is built in the system that further confirmation is needed.
I think its very cynical and dangerous.
In israel a company demanded people to pay without them knowing about the deal in the first place and they now spend time in jail.
I should have the freedom to do with my money whatever I want. And I know it is a small amount of money, its the principle speaking.
Think about old people who dont understand anything about these things and being used by companies because their grandchildren are playing in their cell phone.
I think that we should demend the respect and to be treated in fairness as costumers.
Im still waiting for my money back.
485.90 shekels

Your best bet is to contact the support team and see if they can help.

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Hi, @User1674, I’m sorry to hear that an accidental purchase was made on your account.

As Colin_Goodman pointed out, your best bet is to contact our support team at, including your support key in the email so that they can locate you faster in their system. They’ll be glad to help you out to their best of their ability!


Thanks John for answering.

Ive written an email. Hopefully it will be mended.

Tried writing before wrote here, and there was no way to fill the form. It made me wonder whether its a part of a bigger plan…
Waiting for their response

They answered my email, promised to take care of it.
Wait to see where its going.

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