Be consistent. Move longevity

A 1 turn shield will shield you this turn if you are the faster dino, and stays active next turn if you become slower (slow wears off on your opponent or opponent does swap to faster Dino)

But if you do a 1 turn instant invincibility or 1 turn dodge/cloak, and your faster opponent also performs an instant move, than your shield or dodge disappears instantly. As soon as it’s activated, it’s gone.


No that’s not the case that was a long time ago tho

Or atleast for me

Some moves such as the ones you listed have effects that classify as lasting 0 turns, meaning they will only go into effect on the turn they are used. However, they show up in game as lasting “this turn”.

So it’s actually not anything wrong with the game, it’s just how some moves work.

Thanks for reply Holy. I see difference now. Seems like a goofy decision but at least the description is correct as you stated.

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