Be heat-safe this weekend!


Temperatures in the middle and eastern region of the US will be spiking into the 100 degrees-plus range over the weekend and possibly into the week ahead.

If you’re out chasing dinos, remember to make regular stops to cool off and hydrate. Believe me, you don’t want to get blindsided by heatstroke.

Cooking your own brains isn’t worth tagging a rare or epic. Leave it, and save your life.


I’m in Scotland and it’s raining… again … thanks for that :grin:


Well, it was meant for players on this side of the pond, but… um… you’re welcome, i guess?


Yeah it was 98 here today but I wanted my Trex so that didn’t stop me :joy:


People people please I think we all can agree Arizona is one of the hottest out there. So stay hydrated.


I’m from Brazil, and where i live is about 40 degrees (or 6°C) so also remember to wrap up when going out on cold wheather aswell, it’s really important to also wear gloves, especially when it’s windy outside and just take 'em out when really necessary (like when you find them epic dinos).


Here in Kentucky it was 100 degrees today. I played from home, for most of the day. There’s quite a few supply drops around my neighborhood, and a few spawn points as well.


Denver was 95… It’s going to be a hot un this weekend. Stay hydrated folks


Warning signs of heatstroke/heat exhaustion typically include:

Blurred vision

Slurred speech

Sweat glands cease operating



If you experience any of these symptoms, DON’T TAKE ANY CHANCES! Get inside or in the shade IMMEDIATELY, drink plenty of water, and if needed, get to the emergency room - heatstroke and heat exhaustion present the same general symptoms, but with heatstroke, you’re playing around with your own life.

Be safe - Be smart - Know the signs!


Yup! People just need to come play for the summer here in Arizona and then they’ll be all set for any other part of the country. :slight_smile: