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Be more like Niantic when it comes to feedback & communication

Yesterday Pokemon Go released Mega Pokemon into the game. You acquire the mega energy through raids.

Well the feature has been active for a little over 24 hours and you know what…

Niantic has taken feedback. Acknowledged the feedback, and is letting people know they are working on things.

Ludia announcements are murky at best, come out hardly ever, and don’t ever appear to have taken any feedback into consideration. Instead its almost argumentative when they us something is working as intended and then later they change it.

I realize they are 2 different companies with 2 different player bases and 2 different games and mechanics but communication & feedback. It can’t be too hard to look at the good things another company does and try to mimic that?


Changing something they intended is on them. I believe they do intend certain very poor thought through things and rather not promise to fix something that they do not intend to do.

Ludia is just clowning around in JWA. So they probably lack the motivation to fix things based on feedback alone. They do not wanna appease the playerbase with platitudes and then not fix anything. PoGo essentially was the same game for years. The raids though fresh got samey. The bugs every event were always there and often game breaking for that period.

Ludia recently has been listening and my major bugbear has been fixed. There are a ton of things to be done and I sense most of them are intended on the superficial level to be working as they do.

I learnt from playing PoGo not to expect anything to improve for years until they feel like fixing it. The gym system is still crap after they took 1 year of feedback to change it.


The JWA raid system is already getting stale and what they did to the rewards was awful. So now it’s even less rewards which leads them to seem like a chore.