Bear out in the wild!

It seems that the bear is now out in the wild! Local 4 Day/Dawn/Dusk spawn. We’ve seen several reports of people finding it.


I saw couple.

sweet. now if only the deer was


So they released the bear in place of Rodrigues? Thats kinda of a let down.


After a month of the bear in the wild, there is just not much juice from the bear, so probably that’s why it’s the bear in the wild instead of the new flocks.


Silly question but where is Local 4?

Youll have look closely at the common local spawns. What is now local 4 use to be originally local two for the longest time before they began rotating.

Bear isn’t in there yet, but I’m working on getting the page updated lol.

Here is an update from our team: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 2.15 Known Issues


Is this a permanent thing? The “known issues” thread said “until further notice”. I would hope it remains in the wild because many of us do not live or work in a zone 4 this month (and won’t be for a few months - I was zone 4 last month lol).

Has anyone seen the bear lately? Or was this some “coding error” on their part again.

Got one yesterday.

Just saw one

Ok. Just making sure. Been driving all day and haven’t seen one yet. Now that I’ve said something, it will show up.