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Beasts of the Biodome unbalanced

So first post and purely to rant at this event again. Why in gods name am i getting to final round of this event(which is a prize wheel if im not mistaken) having done 2 rounds of balanced matchups, to then get matched against a lvl 40 wooly mammoth. Really, if u dont want these event to be done then just dont put them in, but pls dont give me this bs again to face, when its not even remotely close to what i actually have to fight with

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Post a screenshot of your Cenozoic lineup and your match. Maybe we can help with some ideas

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This is pretty much all i have to work with

That’s rough. Would it be keying off of your Jurassic lineup?

i doubt it, cos at best i have lvl 30 legendary equivalents as my top lineup, which would still struggle to beat the equivalent of that amount of hp and damage. Just something about this event cos there was a post a few weeks back of someone else complaining about this matchup(which i faced then too with an even weaker team available to fight it lol). I appreciate the effort of help but as i said it was more just a rant for me about how impossible that is to actually beat

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I could’ve sworn that someone discovered that there was a glitch that caused this for players with weaker lineups. This started happening after update 36 I believe. I tried to find the post(s) about it but I could not, but I’ll keep looking. From what i understand, this is happening to a bunch of players :frowning:

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Might as well boost those puppies up to level 10 then!

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i mean tbh i would do that but it wouldnt help me beat this event(at least i dont think it would)and would actually just harm my balance of cenezoics even more cos while my other beasts arent amazing they can at least supplement the vip beasts in other events

Yes, it’s definitely not just you, but also not all players are having these unbalanced lineups. I didn’t have any problem with mine. I would definitely send the screenshot to Ludia support, if enough players complain hopefully they will fix it. Be prepared though to get an annoying reply about how “not all lineups can handle all events” etc. which is just pass-the-buck nonsense when clearly this is NOT what is supposed to happen.

just a fyi this problem is still around as i just got to the 3rd round of this of this event again and this time its slightly easier, only a lvl 38 mastodon…with about 1k hp less than the mammoth so maybe i can squeeze out a win who knows. Would be nice to get some clarification on this is they are actually gonna bother to fix it cos if not as i said in my original post just tell me and then i can know not to bother to spend 600k coins on like 80 dna(which is roughly wat i am doing in the first 2 rounds)

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My event looked normal in terms of Ludia. I was slightly overpowered in each fight, I guess 20% to 30% in ferocity, but nothing I could not handle.

managed to do it but its basically down to pure luck(of which i am rewarded with a rare on the prize wheel so thanks i guess…) but yeh look at the lineup i posted earlier on and thats still basically my line up. 2 out of the 3 beasts i fight in that are actually fine, and if they 3rd was in line then i would have no problems, the problem is the 3rd is like 4-5k hp and 1-1,6k damage, no chance in hell is that in line with anything i have, not even jurassic creatures

I’ve never seen a lineup like this.
Yours seems go be fairly balanced that’s why I have no idea what happens in your fights. @Mary_Jo already proposed to report it to Ludia support, you should do this. There must be something wrong.

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Our team is working on re-balancing events for the future, post like these are quite helpful, thank you @Heylosead. I have passed on your feedback to the team.