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Beasts of the Biodome

How on earth am I meant to do this Ludia

How is a level 1 Panocanthus and a level 1 Therium meant to beat a Mammoth. Why has this even happened.

Any info on this guy’s

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That’s ‘beast of the Biodome’ PvE? I’ve seen in PvP’s that there’s sometimes one stronger creature, but never that strong like that Wooly Mammoth compared to the rest and your own ferocity … just crazy!

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It’s so stupid. I killed it with an 8 attack, but that left my last creature as dead meat for there last creature

If it helps, you weren’t the only one affected by what seems to be a bug in this event for some players. Check out the other post with a similar ridiculously strong second opponent:

Yours is a bit worse though, with such high health, and an attack that only your caverns can absorb. You probably would have had more of a chance going with a strategy of blocking and attacking through several turns rather than trying to do it all in one hit. It’s definitely not easy though with this slanted a matchup.

Something similar happened to me and a handful of other players a few weeks back with an aquatic event I believe where some of us, but not all, had difficult opponents in the 4th and/or 5th rounds that were virtually unbeatable. When I complained to Ludia support I got a lame response about how “not all parks can complete all events”. Which might make sense if 1. my lineups were imbalanced in some way, lacking one of the classes in my top dinos, or having a single one that is way overpowering the rest and 2. if other players weren’t also reporting the exact same thing.

We have since been seeing an across-the-board ramping up in difficulty that is often resulting in the same thing happening for other players. Which makes the whole claim by Ludia that this is just about “balancing” the difficulty of the events with the rewards complete and total nonsense, when the reward in this event is still as bad as ever, for the amount of work it is to complete (especially being FIVE rounds now to do!)


I actually managed to get through that one. I’m sure as hell not managing the next one (round 4), which is THIS beauty:

This is the first event I’m not completing, which means I’m missing on a Cenozoic creature, which will put me even MORE behind this crazy new curve we’re getting.

You know, when you trash something it’s called 86ing it - Ludia is managing to 36 this game, which is a whole FIFTY ahead of the curve. So precocious.


This one for sure you have zero chance.
Not even with Luke Skywalker’s eagle aim + the Force + Han Solo’s help + Darth Vader’s hesitation.
The New Hopeless. :flushed:

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I’m pretty sure I couldn’t make it with my JURASSIC critters, and those are miles ahead of my Cenozoics.

Maybe it’s their way of telling you, you need to seriously upgrade your roster. Especially on Cavern side. Either the hybrid or VIP. Legendary 40 at least.
[Correction: I can only see a VIP hyenadon or two, level 20 or higher, being able to match those 2 snow hybrids. The cavern hybrid, you’d have to level up since it’s only a super rare. Mine are all at 10 only, and those can’t match up with these.]

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Except PvE difficulty is supposed to be based off your roster strength, which is MOST DEFINITELY not what’s happening here.


I tried what you said, didn’t work even with extra levels pumped into it. Hope this doesn’t happen again

That’s too bad, but yeah, these are definitely unfair matchups. Not sure it’s worth sending them to Ludia, but they really should do something about this, because it seems to be happening a lot more frequently.


I will tag @Ned. He could at least let Ludia have a look at if

A pair of level 20 snakes, either one, would help as well

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There’s some balance issues between the Snows and the Caverns, but this is more than that

Yeah, you’re right, each around 1900 life with 624-650 attack, x1.5, close to 1000 hit. Level 10 is too weak still.