Beat the explorer mode. What now? Need more levels

So I’ve leveled up my chosen hero’s to around level 11. I was able to breeze through the explorer mode after beating the purple Octopus. I am wondering if the developers are working on more levels in explorer mode as I have now leveled up my hero’s to level 12 with only being able to play challenge mode and pvp. I do see that I am able to level up my hero’s to level 20 but that will take many more months of not years to complete since the cost of upgrading doubles each time. In challenge mode I’m now able to beat the Octopus in the 3rd round. It’s 15 rooms total. Any ideas or future plans?

For those who notice my gems and gold I’ve spent roughly $100 weekly on this game since launch.

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Think we need a developers plans post, to let us know where the game is going.
So far, im enjoying a lot.