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Beaten by two level 30 dinos when the player profile shows all level 20s


I just lost miserably to a player with a level 30 Thor and level 30 Draco. When I checked the player profile, it shows a team of level 20 legendaries.

I’m in lower Lockwood Estates at around 4100 trophies, and I get the dropping arenas thing and all, but how is this discrepancy possible?


Screen shot?

They probably changed teams real quick.


Maybe a bot, or just a person who switched teams?


You can’t check the team a bot has. So that’s out.

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Then it was more than likely a troll or dropper. But why would he use the uniques?

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Just another person I guess.
Just trying to have fun.


There is a significant delay between the time you change your team and when others actually see it by looking at your profile. You are most likely looking at the team your opponent was using some time ago.


We talking the same dinos here or different ones? Pro tip: Screenshots are great


Thanks for the tip.

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This exact team is still showing in their profile


Like @ModernMan said, that is probably the team of that person a long time ago, since it takes awhile for ludia to register that on your view.


A delay would explain it. I didn’t beat any of their creatures and got crushed.

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Going from a level 20 Allosinosaurus to a level 30 Thor would take a couple of months… Mine is level 27 and have been focusing exclusively on leveling it during all special events… Therefore, the delay theory isn’t plausible…


We are talking about delay in the game updating a players public profile when changes have been made. It’s very easy to test, change some dinos in your team, then ask a friend some time later and see if they see the change yet. I’ve seen updates not taking place many hours later.


I notice that it’s all legendary. He was probably swapping out to that team for a cool alliance tournament. My alliance just had one that was all rare Dinos, with brackets.


I was responding to a statement by Baryonix…


Have you been keeping an eye on the lineup to see if and when it switches back to grab another screenshot? Just curious if it’s yet another bot account.