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Beating Erlikogamma in two turns

Checkout the team and moves to beat Erlikogamma in just two turns:

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can you make the strat?

2 gorogsuchus at 15 and 2 rexes at 15. Gorgo goes ferocious and then rampage

and trexes just impact then rampage?

That is correct

ok thanks. sounds fun!

ive heard of a one turn strat tho, with a anky, irri, and two rexs.

You cannot kill it in 1 turn. There are 2 rounds required

Same strat for 2 turns on Rex and Sino applies here as well.

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I think you are confusing the phrase 2 turns with 2 rounds perhaps. You can finish a round in 1 turn, but as stated you can’t win the match in 1 turn as there are 2 rounds.

Woke up to this one from my alliance in Asia this morning.

They get to have fun experimenting with new raids whilst I am sleeping here in the UK!

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Thank you for yesterday with Mortem Qaw. :wink::+1:

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No problem, I don’t normally respond to unplanned raid invites, but that one went surprisingly well :wink:

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Lots of our raids are efficient and 95% of us are level 20 with pretty much every Dino, but I do have some low level players in the alliance I lead so strats like this are great.

I’ll be adding this to the collection for them.

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@Vespasian There are 2 turns as well as 2 rounds so technically that is right for the sino raid.

another for the collection

All me and my Alliance use for the Erlikogamma boss is 3-4 Carbonemys

(Aka the “Teenage Not-so Mutant Ninja Turtles” strat. :turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle:)

It’s not a 2-turn strat, but it works flawlessly!
(The strat has no complex plan, just spam Superior Vulnerability, use dig-in at low health, and then use Devastation)