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Beating higher level teams


Tips for lower levels to beat higher level teams.

It’s actually not hard to beat some much higher level teams, if you have the right makeup, and the board is favorable. I have a green all heal, and a yellow bonus health as the focus of this concept. As you clear a board of much higher level dragons, don;t focus on the last dragon to fight, instead, make matches that give your team meter. If it farms health, you may want to use the attack to damage the last enemy, but otherwise set yourself up to roll into the net board with 4 or 5 special attacks. You can easily chew up a dragon or two and continue to move on, with a team that has 1000 less points.

It doesn’t always work out. Sometimes you just get stuffed. Also be careful because it is my belief that enemy debuffs roll over if you do the same fight again.So sometimes close the app and restart.


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