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Beating Mortem Rex with 3 Dinosaurs

If we can tag along a level 6 Haast g2 or a level 1 sloth, how about we just tag along nothing? No pro, no noob, no bait, just the 3 players. Are they maxed boosted? Without even watching the video you know the answer lol.


Absolute mad lad.


you sir are insane, enough said. I just wish I had unique hybrids to even stand a chance against mortem or hadros. but I’m only level 13 and have a ways to go. but on a random note, I somehow am halfway to unlocking quetzorion? IDK how.


Meme Crew does it again.


Love watching your video


Haha, exactly. I’m always amused by the people who come into raid chat and say something like, “I need to do a Mortem raid! I have the eagle, just need a few more people.” Well, they don’t need you, kid. :wink:

Gimmick raids are certainly an accomplishment and are fun to watch, but most people who lack three friends with 30/30s would be better served by working on a decent raid dino instead of begging for a carry. I like the tryos strategy, which can be done with more attainable stuff and works well for a lot of mid-tier alliances.


TheProC: Wanna see me come up with a ridiculous strat for defeating Mortem Rex?



Now that me and the team have beaten Mortem Rex with 3 creatures, that leaves an open spot for absolutely every creature in the game, we’ve really only just scratched the surface with the previous strats. Lol


Nice! Cool strat. Morty has also been done with 3 players multiple times before with different strats.

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oh cool, can I see one?

We have done Tuo, Tenrex, Max. And we were very close on 2xPho + Tenrex, maybe only 1 crit short, so I’m pretty sure someone else has done that one. But with these strats you need optimal luck.

Is there a video? I’d like to see it in action. :smiley:

I wasnt in the lobby. Will ask for a video.

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k thx :smiley:

Sorry, no video. Only screenshot. And I think this was before Max nerf.


Oh cool, I presume the maxima must of had a base of 2.5k attack to finish both minions, I bet Tryo could probably replace Tenon as the third to increase the attack, but the distraction was probably important anyway.

All were max boosted

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same as mine lol

Which alliances are you guys? Wanna join us? Hahahaha

Do you accept friend invites?
I’m lvl 19, but I only started to play when the quarantine begins (half year agir or less) I’m always online. My trophy rank is 4,8k.
Also I’m on a great alliance, and we have one or two spots left (and I’m just about top 10 in our rank). Would be cool to play with you guys.

By memory: Pho, Pho, Tenrex got Morty down to around 6k hp round 2. And we were very close to finish round 1 one turn sooner, so one more crit round 1 could (would?) have been enough. But all other attempts we had worse luck.