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Beating Mortem Rex

I still haven’t been a part of a successful raid, in part thanks to all the bugs on iOS.

But, thinking wishfully, if I do manage to get in on a raid with other highish-level players, how would we go about beating it?

It has a 50% Distraction Resistance, an 80% resistance to DoT and Rend. Also 100% to stuns.

It’s base damage is just over 3000, and it has 2 strikes and a Rampage, all Defense-Shattering.

It seems piling on the Distractions is the best way of going about it, you just need to hit 200% when the Boss uses its DSR.

So going by that, I’m guessing Erlikospyx will be really good here, since it can infinitely alternate between Precise Pounce and Revenge Distracting Impact (it has a 1-turn cooldown. I know, right?). It also has Instant Distraction, just in case.

Then for a healer, Diloracheirus will be really good, since it has Cunning Impact, as well good healing moves and high base damage.

An attack-buffer/healer like Megalosuchus might do well too, increasing the regenerated health, but I don’t know if it’s stats are up to the task.

Carbotoceratops and Mammolania can Taunt to keep attacks away from frailer creatures, while Regenerating. Carbotoceratops has the basic move Distraction too, and it can inflict Vulnerability, but it is slower than Mortem. Mammolania can buff it’s attack and then heal itself, which is always useful.

Maybe having multiple Erlikospyx would work. Just spam Precise Pounce and Revenge Distracting Impact.
Maybe have one Diloracheirus to keep the health up.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on it. What are yours? My alliance is a small one, and we’re mostly casual players, so I might have to rely on my new forum friends if I want a chance at beating this boss (if the bugs are fixed, fingers crossed).

If anyone needs the service of my humble unboosted level 23 Erlikospyx or my 24 (I’m literally 4 DNA away from 25, damn you RNG…uh…deities) Dilorach, feel free to ask.


let’s also not forget about the minions. Theres a velo with 161 speed that will wreck anything. (it has 2170 attack and 3183 health.)
and the majundasuchs has group shields with taunt and resilient strike with AP counter. 1881 attack, 4992 hp, 123 speed


Me too. My real life friends were busy today, while all the invites were bugged so I couldn’t join.
Anyways, thank you for making the meeting thread. When all the bugs are squashed, it’ll be very helpful


Ah, I didn’t pay attention to those. Well, I suppose a taunting tank would be useful to get rid of them. Tryko would make short work of the Velo, and deal a ton to the Majunda, especially with an attack buff.

Alternatively, Mammolania would wreck that Velo too with Taunting Bellow+Resilient Rampage. If you have multiple Spyxes, the Majunda shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you have some way of keeping Mortem Diatracted.

Ardentist using greater Thagomizer takes out velo and a crit can take out majunda (if its attack is 2000+). If you have toura, you can lead with accel to speed up dentist and take out velo before it gets off an attack. If you can mutual fury then cunning attack it, that’ll remove its buff and keep yours. Too bad there aren’t any uniques which can boost damage, Tryos might be a solid option there or even indo2 for MF.


You could also Decelerate the Velo using Taunting Bellow. Mammolania’s ability to boost its own attack and heal itself while drawing attacks away from your other creatures just might come in handy here.

Might want to change. I’m very surprised this isn’t flagged.


I don’t get what you mean

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I like the idea of double Spyx. Might take a bit of theory crafting to get right. Going to ignore all other variables aside from the two Spyx and the three enemies for this example.


Turn 1
Spyx 1 uses ID on Mortem (because highest attack), Mortem attack becomes 0.
Spyx 2 uses RDI on Velo, because it now has the highest attack at 2k.

Even if Spyx 2 uses Precise Pounce, it’d still attack Velo due to PP targeting lowest HP.

Turn 2
Spyx 2 uses ID on Mortem (due to Mortem attack going back up to 3k). Mortem attack becomes 0.
Spyx 1 uses RDI or PP on a minion.

That’s how the moves should alternate until both minions are defeated in Round 1. Then Round 2 comes and the process repeats.

Mortem has 50% distract resist.

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Mortem has 50% Distraction Resistance. I feel like Double Spyx would do the trick combined with a Dilorach for healing, it’s just that you have to find a way to get rid of those minions.

Theory crafting at its finest, variables always get left out and forgotten.

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but it would bring Mortem’s damage below the velo’s so the other instant distract would stop Velo from doing any damage.

Are you sure that the second Instant Distraction would go to the Velociraptor if Mortem is Distracted? So the move targeting isn’t based on base damage?

Updated Example:

Turn 1
Spyx 1 uses ID on Mortem (because highest attack), Mortem attack becomes 1671.
Spyx 2 uses ID on Velo (new highest attack at 2k).

Turn 2
Spyx 1 uses RDI on Mortem (due to Mortem attack going back up to 3k). Mortem attack becomes 2506.
Spyx 2 uses RDI on Mortem (new highest attack at 2506). Mortem attack becomes 1671.

Yes. Mortem attack gets reduced to 1671 by ID (due to 50% distraction resistance). Velo still has over 2k damage, so second Spyx ID would go to Velo.

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I’m not very experienced with raids yet, but does each boss follow a predictable move order?
If so, Mortem will have one too, right?

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Hold up, can you bleed it?

Like I said, 80% resistance to DoT.

Therium kind of did, but it’s really depends on whose alive at what time