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Beating players on higher cups

hi i just did a battle and beat a player in gyro my highest score is 5592 cups currently on 5529 cups and after battle ended i was awarded 20 cups as he/she brought out a lvl 30 max damage boosted unique tortoise with 9000+ damage i was shocked when i won esp with an unboosted lvl 23 bleeder which i used then swapped in cera got the stun and did instant charge and luckily killed it ! anyway when i checked there profile after i won they are currently on 6010 Cups i thought if you beat an opponent on higher cups you would receive 40 cups not 20 i know its confusing this new reward set up so not sure why i only gained 20 esp beating a player in shores?? any explanation would be great thanks Andy

i also took a photo of the player on my recently battled list if i have been wrongly awarded cups thanks

The trophy count shown on player profiles is their high score, not current score. We have no way of seeing another player’s current score unless we ask them personally. Since you only won 20, we can assume their current score is around 100 trophies below you.

ok that makes sense thanks for the resoonse so he/she dropped from 6000 plus to circa 5400 must be gutted! when i looked at my full battle list nearly ev opponent showing higher cups so they’ve all dropped lower than my current score as all my victories have been 20,it’s tough out there eh! cheers Andy