Beating Trex with two people

does anyone know if this is possible? If you do please share it :smiley:

2 dilophosaurus :wink:

thank you for letting me know

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you’re welcome!

Or maybe 2 pyros

I just beat it with a 15 dilo, 15 mono, and 14 endmontoguanodon…

You can also beat it in 2 turns as well. 2 gorgos, carno, and rex


I tried that yesterday. That was a very funny raid.

Yeah two proceeds level 15 unboosted. Always ID every turn and on round two, use evasion on his shield move

U can do it with 15 edmontoguano and rex

And here’s if you want to beat it without anyone taking any damage

sloths :slight_smile: always fun 3 sloths and a irritator is reasonably quick theres alot of ways to do in the chew toy i like russian roullet close your eyes and pick a dino :slight_smile: