Beating utasinoraptor

How do you beat it?
Whenever i have mine i kill a Dino and the half of the next one.
And one the other person has it, it happens the same, they Kill 1 and a half dinos of mine

A well timed 3-turn slowing move can help put the odds in your favor


Anything faster; most readily available inc. Pyrritator, Spinotasuchus, high level Tany.

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How does one beat a utasino? Use a high level Tryko.
How does one beat an allosino? Use a high level Tryko.
How does one beat an indoraptor? Use a high level Tryko.
How does one win the lottery? Use a high level Tryko.


Lol unfortunately I’m going the sino route, so having tryko won’t be happening for a really looong time

How would you do it?
Thago, ss, rampage?
Thago, shield, rampage?

Pyrritator can beat ultasino, spinotashuchus and tany cannot due to instant charge.

All nodopato hybrid tanks can beat it no problem, just make sure you do shield first, than decel or thago, don’t do ss first turn.

Cool im gonna try pyrri. Can’t go with nodopato he is just underleved.
Yeah, going ss first is a rookie mistake

Depends on levels. Not everyone uses instant charge as their second move - don’t know why, but they don’t; and it you have put the bleed on it then you are going to at least take it with you.

I usually don’t call dying together a win (bleed), assuming equal levels of course.

Yeah, me too. My Thor needs feeding. Tryko will just have to wait till Thor reaches at least lvl 23.

I go ss, thago rampage. If ic don’t stun. And iat depend on luck. :joy::joy::joy:

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You make me sick!



I just found the answer: rajakylo!
If you play it right (especially the instant invisibility) you will kill utasinoraptor and have HP left to hit the next dino

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Trago easily wins to. Open with long invincibility. Utah stuns, ss then rampage.

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I don’t have it, but I am finding Akyntro to be a PITA to deal with. Distract, and Invicible back and forth while whittling it down with the counter attack.

It’s the most soul destroying battle left … time it right though and it’s easy win …

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It has really given my Allosino some trouble. I kept timing my hits wrong and it would distract on my big hit and do II on my armor piercing :woman_facepalming:. Still learning how to deal with it properly.


The nice thing about tryko is there is no whittling of hp involved- youre dead much quicker :joy::joy:

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