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Became vip but no advantage in it


So i became vip today and saw the pickuppoint outside my work disapear? Also i thaught when you became vip you’d get other stuff at pickuppoints but i only get coins and darts? How do you get to prize 2 and or 3? Thanks ever so much for the game but i feel cheated…


You get a third prize; which includes darts coins and especially a chance for 10x cash. Thats your third prize ; it automatically unlocks once you’re vip. Sometimes its slightly buggy and only shows 2 prizes as i’ve noticed a couple of times but you should receive 3. Vip is also about ‘extended battery’ which allows you to stay on the dino longer (which might not ‘work’ anymore due to battery rework) and the additional drone range.

You will also receive special deals which mostly allow you to spend the cash you earn from spinners on something special. So vip pays for your expenses pretty much. :wink: Its not mandatory but anyone playing a couple of hours a day could consider it very worthy!



Cash is now limited daily from the drops - Think it is 20.
Battery’s are no longer used now.

The only real advantage is the longer drone range.
So unless there are some changes - VIP is going to be pretty much DEAD - IMHO.

I realize its just out of Beta - so not cancelling it for the moment - will give it another month to see if any changes are implemented - if there are none, I will cancel - Just no value in $15 month.