Because it takes me so long to find an opponent?

Hi, I actually had a battle failure, because… It takes me a long time to find a simple opponent, I checked that another player was suffering from the same problem, but I’ve been keeping it up to date, uh, disinstalling the game a few times, I’ve deleted cache, and I’ve even restarted my cell phone, but nothing has changed.
¿any solution?

What arena are u in?
In Aviary u should be able to battle AI when the time runs out.

I'm in lockwood, ¿Is it the pairing?

Try different times of day. Anyway, should be able to get an opponent. You get at least AI option when time runs out? If you need incubators or just battles then battling AI is solution.

So that you have less chance to face a whole 30 level max boosted team and get wiped and potentially complain that instead of this on the forum.

Hey Clevrrsh_xD, our team could take a closer look at your account to see if there could be any problems if you reach out to them here at Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

I try almost every time, and yes, I have the AI