Because Thylacotator is not the best bleeder, it should be one of the best

For me Thylacotator should be one of the best bleeders, since one of its components is exclusive, but I think it is not, since it needs more speed as other bleeders have, other bleeders have no escape so that the rival does not know how to exchange , he needs immunity or resistance to instant charge, since Thor can kill him every time he stuns him, he should also have counterattack like the Marsupial Lion has, I believed that the bleeders would have to fulfill their purpose of killing the tanks of the game .
They are just opinions, you can agree or not, that is my thought, and I would like the bleeding creatures to serve their purpose, which is to kill the armored and shielded creatures.

Thoradolosaur is neither of those. Besides, Thylacotator already beats Maxima, Gemini, Tryko, Dio, etc, what more does it need to help it against tanks? No other bleeder can reliably beat these creatures as well as Thylacotator does, not even the Uniques.