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Become a part of our 10/9 gang! Two spots open!

We are one of the original alliances and keeping things fun is the most important! Very low turn over due to minimal rules, super friendly players and an overall team oriented group!
We’ve reached 10/9 several times and could use help making that consistent :slightly_smiling_face:
Send me a dm! Thanks!

Laker Dinos on the Ark


Great group of players and a relaxed atmosphere.


Do you guys participate in the tournaments?

I’m sending you a dm :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you looking for an Alliance that:
Has great leadership
Gets to Rank 10 on Exploration
Gets to Rank 9 on Defense
Has a level 20 sanctuary
Ranks among the top100 in tournaments
And is made up of generous and devoted players, send us a PM and you might become part of this great alliance!


Found 2 great players and still need 3 more! No pressure to battle, but do ask that you do your part in the tourneys.

He is helping me recruit! Thanks!

I understand, you were talking to someone and you weren’t sure if he was helping recruit or looking for an alliance, but tried to sell him on your alliance in my recruiting thread.


Are you trying to snipe people from other alliance recruiting threads?

Yea y just didn’t know he was helping

It is beyond impolite to go into any other recruiting thread besides your own and solicit their potential members.


Very impolite, you should make your own thread.

Ight srry but thx for saying about ight I will leave

I did an edit on my post as I could see where he got confused, still the nerve of some people…


I can highly recommend Laker Dinos on the Ark, one of our co-op sanctuary partner alliances. Very friendly members, excellent rewards with few rules, great leader.

Join and become part of an awesome team!



I’m interested! I’m only level 12 though but I’m playing pretty regularly.

@Lasher86 I sent you a dm and we have one spot left :slightly_smiling_face:

I sent a request :grimacing:

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I can make room for one more!
We have had some great members join this past week and we’re on track to be 10/9 every week. 10 in explore has been reached before the weekends.
We were in the top 100 1st tourney and are down some on this one due to member changes.
My goal is to have 50 daily active players that battle and dart their fair share without any rules. Commitment goes a long way!
Please dm me or @Nes instead of posting here to avoid snipers :wink: Thanks!



Hey. I have no idea how to dm. But I do know how to play. Dhani