Bedroom Epics


Epic dinosaurs you’ve caught from your bedroom (or bathroom, living room etc.)

So far today 1 rex.

What are yours?


I got an erliko yesterday :relieved:


Yesterday 2 sinoceratops
Today trex and erkilosaurus


Today I had a TRex. :smiley:


I’ve seen the location map, but want to ask anyway… what zones are you guys in that get Soo manu erliks?


I darted a Baryonx, I got enough to level mine up. That’s been the only Epic to spawn outside my house so far.


I’ve had T. rex, nodopatosaurus, secodontosaurus and Baryonyx. Some others like amargocephalus and concavenator just outside my radius.


1…20202020202020 body isn’t un bloody clear


I’m in zone 3 :yum:

What else can I say to get to 20 characters :grimacing:


My driveway is right at 150m long, and I’ve only ever had commons and rares I could reach from home. When there’s an epic it’s always 200+m away. :frowning:


T-rex today from my bedroom…


Zone 3 is huge it spans the world! I am also in zone 3!