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Been here since beta still playing and enjoying, PvP, raids community

Thought I would write this,

I still enjoy the game, I have my own alliance as well. Which brings it’s own personal rewards as well.

I play every day I enjoy playing

However I have to admit the PvP needs changing we need more arena’s, you just are unable to progress even paying money into the game for boosts ect the only way to progress it seems is backwards. I was 1 match away from shores, then ended literally 1 match away from avairy.

Not a top player, but I used to be 2000-3000 now I’m lucky to get past the 5000 mark.

You Introduced new Dino’s new apexes but with no manovability, everyone is stuck where they are or dropping, theirs very few going higher.

I’m not looking to be a top player but I’m a consistent player with the full deck and quite a few lvl 30s and all the apexes, even with them their is still not a lot of progress.

I still help and support my team I love that challenge, but please can we have some new areas, I feel a lot more people will leave.

Product, price,promotion,place,people

Holistically at the moment, theirs a lot of negatives and that flows through to other players.

We are a community of gamers who help each other so maybe because we do have such a nice community, that could be our downfall as well, ect I know I can get a player on my team through cera raid with a low level irritator, because someone else did the strategy and shared it, which then helps my lower player as well, but then on the other side people say apexes are easy to gain and lower players have them ? So which do you do, do you share the strategies and help players which we all do, or do we stand back and say make your own way, I prefer the previous one, but with helping lower players we also need to accept the consequences that come with it as well.


Great post @Wanda and it looks at a number of points that seem to be very relevant at the moment.

Like you I have been playing since the beginning and have a good team. But I can’t get out of Library with it. I started an alt account a year or so ago and that’s almost caught my main up now, yet I play my main every day too! That’s how this game has changed over the three years it’s been around. Veteran players are no longer rewarded for progress as everything seems to be focussed on newbies and the few players that battle 24/7 at the top.

Pvp is a nightmare for so many if us now since the 30/30 system was implemented along with the reset every month that puts so many players in the same pool for so long. I’ve tried to understand what’s going on with pvp and the Shores fiasco, but I don’t get it sufficiently well enough to comment. Whatever, I believe the dropper issue needs to be addressed asap… it’s beyond a joke now.

I love the raiding and alliance camaraderie and it’s that which keeps me going. But the fact that new players can progress so quickly and get hold of apex dinos was a massive mistake by Ludia, but I guess it’s too late now. Seeing apex dinos in the low arenas is just daft and the old saying ‘ it’s easy to give stuff away but really hard to take it back’ comes to mind. Already we see people complaining about the lower dna reward for levels below 20 in apex raids.

I have so much dna and so many redundant dinos now it’s ridiculous. I’d love to see an arena rebalance. Alter the rewards for a win and lessen the loss. Add arenas and lock players in when they reach a new level. Allow more players to progress and there won’t be a problem at the top will there?

I hope these issues get resolved but I fear they won’t because players like us have no need to spend money to progress. New players will pay hence the sale of ready made uniques we keep seeing. At the end of the day it’s that money which keeps the game alive for us too. But if something came along that would encourage me to pay, I would. There just isn’t at the moment as nothing helps my progression any more.