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Before and After Stat Boost Shuffle event 2021 – Show pictures and let’s discuss!

Soon it happening! :sparkles::ballot_box_with_check:

Let’s see some dinos who will get a new costume and let’s hear how you will change your team! :ok_hand:

  • How will you boost?
  • What will you try out?
  • Will you build a new team?
  • Planing to drop in the arena?
  • Care about meta?
  • Building a team for tournament?



I will take 85% of my boosts and put them on tenrex :slight_smile:


I will leave the rest on tryo and tuora

I will start with this, aiming for 130+ speed and going to try more damage vs. more health:


Nice. Picture?
What speed? What damage?


Not sure yet wait let me use toolbox it’s only a lvl 23 rn tho

i plan to try out entelolania and a mess around with trebax’s speed for a bit. work out how i want to boost grypolyth and spyx. then take everything off for a month and see how the meta evolved before reboosting.


What I will do is take all the boosts off my entire team and rearrange them to get a good team build. I just want to find some team combinatation that will work out well for me. I think I can make a solid team, but I will just have to try out some different combos.


Great idea!

How much speed and health?

i am planning to bring tenrex to my team to, however its only lvl 22

My girl at the end of the month


I recomend spreading your boosts out to different creaturs because you may not draw your tenotorex.

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not entirely sure. i want it as a lux counter so speed isn’t as needed after the first hit. probably going mainly health and attack.

thats a solid tenoto build.

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Thanks, I don’t really care about pvp too much so what I want to do is try and get my tenrex raid ready as soon as possible that’s why I am leaving the rest of the boosts on tuora and tryo

I dread doing pvp battles and only do them for daily rewards (My entire team is lvl 20,21 except for tenrex) but I really enjoy raiding and it’s what I do 90% of the time I play JWA (All day long lol)


Ok. For a raid it needs enough health and attack probably for mortem or maybe even gorgo.

What do you think about this dino in this meta…?

Good against APEX ?

Eh, tarkus can be good, but not the best being stunnable. All apexes kinda beat it easily

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If it had no escape then yea I think it could be do able