Before complaining about procerato or draco

Hi just to clarify, this is just a discussion I don’t want to start any arguments, again a healthy discussion.

As in my title, before complaining about procera or draco, you could also include phorusaura, instant rampage and rampage and run, plus speed boosted? Bye bye creature.

Isn’t the discussion about Dracoceratops over since the nerf?
Why dig up old wounds?


Boosts are irrelevant when it comes to nerfing creatures. Also, there’s already a thread on this. Perhaps you could look that up and see the arguments posted there.



Buff Dracoceratops! Its useless now. :wink:

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Awesome drawing tho.

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Lol it’s not mine I found it I just couldn’t find the og artist

Phorusauria isnt quite the same as either of them though. The issue with Dracorat (which fortunately has been somewhat dealt with by the nerf and the new ‘on escape’ abilities, though not completely eliminated) is the issue I have with any swap in damage abilities; they’re 100% free damage. You cant see them coming and they get free damage on whatever they swap into. You see how busted these abilites are more in the flat-level tournaments, whatever the rarity is there will be ceratopsians abusing the swap in strike. Phorusauria isnt the same. Yes it has instant charge, but this isnt any different from if you were facing a dino that is just plain faster than you, and with stat boosts making speed stats wildly different that could be anything. As for the christmas chicken; what makes that annoying is its ability to quite literally endlessly reduce damage with distraction and evasion, combined with actually quite decent HP and attack as well as damn high speed, and on top of all of that immunity. Phora may instant rampage, but it doesnt afflict any debuffs and isnt completely immune. It’s undeniably powerful, but for me the fact that its power comes from the number of potentially favourable matchups rather than its ability to cheese wins makes it less of an annoyance for me. If we complained about any dino that can beat you if you dont have the right counters then we’d list basically all the good dinos in the game. For me the legendary that should be listed is Indo g2 for its infuriating ability to just spam its basic indeffinitely and win.

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Thank you so much for your opinion, I highly appreciate it, quite on point and understandable argument. Thank you again.

Thanks for the award hahaha, I was just trying to voice out my frustration on battling phorusaura, didn’t mean to offend sensitive people. Peace. And I know Draco is kind of in ICU now. But still.


Thanks for the suggestion.

As I don’t go into the forums that much because of the toxicity of the opinions and all the negative “unfun” things people say there but again thank you for the opinion.


Apologies, did not mean to bring up and open up old gaping festering wounds, will not bring it up anymore, will probably make new wounds instead. Thank you for the opinion. :>


Old Wounds

I am not offended. I was only being a wise guy.