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Before Or After The Attack?

I found something in the JWA Toolbox is that if you but an effect before the actual attack, the effect happens first before the attack:

Now, as you can see:
The ability A makes you vulnerable first and then it attacks (ignore the reduce speed effect)
The Ability B you attack First and then it makes you vulnerable

Now whats interesting is that there are some effects that need to happen before the attack like removing shield, removing evasion, piercing armor, etc.
Then there are some that need to happen after the attack cause otherwise its not balanced like vulnerability (Remember when carbonemys made you vulnerable first?), …
And there are some effects that dont really matter whether its after or before the attack like speed decrease, distraction, bleed, pinning, etc.

I used A and B in the JWA battle simulator:
When i use Ability A, A would make the target vulnerable first and then attack
When i use Ability B, B would attack and then make the target vulnerable

So first, i didnt know this is how JWA Toolbox worked; and second, should Ludia tell us in game what effects are applied first before the attack or are applied after the attack?

Dont really know why i made this topic since its not that interesting but eh…

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I believe that vulnerability (for example) does not have a correct order about leaving the target vulnerable before or after the attack. Taunting Vulnerability leaves you vulnerable before the attack and Superior Vulnerability after. I believe that both cases are good (leaving them vulnerable afterwards and causing enormous damage later on for example).

I created about 370 skills and I’m fixing most of them because they attack and then ignore armor and destroy shields (some of them).

I believe that Ludia already shows if the effects happen before the attack. In the description of Taunting Vulnerability first there is the negative effect, its duration and the damage caused. In the description of Superior Vulnerability it shows the decrease in speed, attack and then the effect of vulnerability.


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The game and Toolbox have both always listed the effects in the order that they’re applied. The Toolbox actually has an issue where effects that are supposed to go last go first if they have the same target as a prior effect, but hopefully that’ll be fixed soon. I actually predicted that with the simulator coming out more people would notice that the order actually matters, lol.