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Before the 1.15 update comes, I have 1 last request

It’s probably too late now, but please Ludia, listen to me. You did nerf Lania which people wanted a nerf on and I agree that lania was op, however, you nerfed Lania the wrong way like how many people think that you nerfed Maxima the wrong way where you took away her Definite rampage for Defense Shattering Rampage in update 1.11. The DR cooldown 2 really hurted Lania and although it is best used as a finisher, I feel like it should be able to do what it used to be able to do. Going PFS and then hit hard with DR, rinse and repeat. So instead of nerfing DR, how about nerf Lania’s damage (Same goes to Therium) and nerf the ferocity of PFS to like 25%-33% and give back DR it’s T1 cooldown. You can also remove the distraction because I do have to agree that a creature that can do 4500 DMG in 1 turn which can’t be distracted is very op. So Ludia, for the next patch, give back the C1 on DR and nerf Lania’s and Therium’s DMG and nerf PFS’s Ferocity, you can also give Therium and Lania Precise shattering Rampage in place of DR to at least be able to do that ferocious rampage in 2 turns which can bypass evasion.


Lol lania does not need a buff. It’s still in Hight tyrant


yeah no, the issue with this thing is that it can buff its attack for 2 turns and nothing will stop that definite rampage from doing full damage.

If lania lost pfs in favour of something else then it could probably keep immunity to distractions and definite rampage could go back to having a 1 turn cooldown.

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Tbh they just needed to remove immune to Distraction or nerf his dmg stat

Other rhinos (except Elasmo) gots a nerf which are indeed like Woolly Rhino or Lasmus

And seeing some ridiculous creatures hybrids like Prorat, Indom g2 and Moth didn’t got a nerf was so sad

Hopefully the 1.15 update will finally repair all of these mistakes


It needs a damage nerf and Superior Vulnerability instead of Dig-In. That ought to fix it. Also Regeneration instead of Bellow.

Edit: forgot to add no Immunity to Distraction


Do a lot of people think Maxima was nerfed the wrong way? I think anyone with immune Distraction shouldn’t have definite rampage, being fully immune Maxima counts. I think it’s balanced now.

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In addition to losing definite rampage it also lost some hp, the general consensus at the time was that it needed a damage reduction so that it could handle evasive speedsters like proceRAT and both the indo’s but wouldn’t be able to 2 shot chompers like thor and tryko.

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pretty sure it was the most recent nerf to hp rather than damage that was the problem. she still can outright beat a lot of chompers because of it. IMO the removal of Definite rampage was fine.


While it isn’t broken, I do think it’s just badly balanced. With Uniques like Gemini and Lania around, it might not seem like much of a problem, but other than them it isn’t countered by a lot.

If it was more built to beat speedsters and be demolished by chompers like Tryko, Thor and Tenontorex, it would probably be for the best.

That way even if Gemini and Lania were nerfed, it would still have surefire counters.


Does anyone know why these mimus chickens are immune or is it because they are weak?

Because along with the pelycosaurs and both indoms immunity is their ‘specialty’

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But it is heavily prayed apon by Thor and Tryko? Mine is at least.

Unboosted and at even levels, it can beat Tryko with a crit on the DSR, and it wrecks Thor. I mean, Thor stands zero chance.

Lania is still 100% the 3rd best creature in the game. It’s the only creature to have the ability to have a winning matchup against every creature in the game when set up, which moth cannot do. Mammolania is fine as is.

Hmm. Thors easily take my Maxima down to like 700 Hp at the minimum, 0 if they go rampage turn 2 which I never understood why they don’t. I guess it’s because the Thor’s I face are 28 min while my Maxima is 24. I guess I need to boost it a ton, new Thor counter!:heart_eyes:

Without immunity they would be useless

Exactly, she needs a hp buff and dmg nerf to be better against speedsters but worse against chompers. I would also give chompers decel immunity so they can counter her even better, but only if speed boosts didn’t exist


If it weren’t for the nerf definite rampage received due to Lania’s existence I’d suggest maxima gets her hp and definite rampage back in exchange for a damage decrease so she can’t 2 shot chompers but can still stomp dodgers into the ground.

Ardentis needs damage nerf, cause it should counter speedsters not chompers.

Lania needs Def. Rampage changed to Def. Impact. That way no other changes are needed. That would be 3375 damage on turn 2 after PFS.

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Indeed. While i enjoy and would keep her kit the same, i would be up for a damage reduction and slight hp buff on Maxima. That would be for the best.