Began to start leveling up the rest of my team. Erlidominus got caught lacking and was wondering if there is anyone with a similar play-style to replace her with

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 2.30.32 PM

Erlidom’s boost setup

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There aren’t many things that play similarly to edom. Do you have any ideas as to what you want to replace her with?

What playstyle? Die in 1 turn?




I don’t rely on erlidom too often but would utilize her to revenge kill if it outsped something or to stall with either cloak/DI when things got out of hand, so I started boosting quetz a while back. Would she be a more viable replacement?

I tried using parath in place of erlidom when I unlocked it but it quickly backfired with a chance of fighting fast anti-tank creatures.
Had mammolan, nemys, tryko, dio, and dentis before but the power creep just made them a waste of boosts
Spinocon, testa, and rinex I haven’t tested because I can usually shut them down fairly quickly and fear it’ll also be a waste like the ones stated above


Spinocon and parasauthops are great creatures
Definitely try them
Quetzorion and mammolania are also really good


I’ll give spinocon and quetz a quick go. I probably need some more boosts on the other two before sending them back onto the roster just because of fighting more 27-30 creatures recently

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I’m gonna try to be unbiased here, but Orion is a great option. Her buff really made her strong, and can now 2 turn most fierce out there. She is very weak to stuns though. Keep that in mind. Pthops is also a great option. You just need to invest in her. We’re currently in a resilient meta, meaning there are gonna be some strong fierce out there. Testa is slowly being power crept, which is terrifying. Spinocon has its uses, and rinex is my main cunning. Rinex is good, but it suffers from its running move sometimes. If you want a solid all around creature, take a look at stygidaryx

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Here’s my team for reference. Currently bouncing between low library and high aviary