Begging for Sanc naming

I am here to beg for the ability to name sanctuaries (that was teased in the vote) to be added. Please, for my sanity :rofl:, give us this feature. I, and many other teams, put a lot of work into sanc organization and as they level up and the name of the placer changes, it’s hard to keep everyone on track.


This would help with shared sanctuaries between multiple alliances.


Yeah especially when you forgot the one you placed your creature


This would help everyone :white_heart::bangbang:


Yes please Ludia! Make this happen! We want this! :blush:

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Yes please add it in the upcoming update and also add dino DNA rewards in Arena 11,12 and 13.

Not that I have ever been in a situation where I would need this, but it is very easy to understand why people would need it. Definitely a plus vote from me.

That would make my alliance so much easier to deal with

Because like: putting a eucladoceros in a spinocon dna farm

as in spinocon components

Sancs are long overdue for update. Not sure what they’re waiting for. They should really poll us on which area of the game needs more of an update.