Beginner Player Looking for Alliance

Hi! I’ve just started playing the game a couple weeks ago and wondering if there’s an alliance that would take me in. Still not quiet sure how this community works, but would love to experience the social side of the game too. Really hooked on it now, and definitely in for the long run :slight_smile:

I’m UK based if that matters.

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@martoraptor artoraptorDinoSAURian II is always looking for more players active players

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We are a very strong alliance looking for active players. Trophy count doesn’t matter as long as you follow our rules. We get great rewards -10/9 last week, tier 7 (nearly 8 in tournament). Send me a direct message if you want more info. image

Just make sure you find an alliance with discord server or facebook. It makes the game way more fun when you can interact with your alliance to coordinate for raids, learn strategies and Just get to know them. The in-game chat is just not effective for that stuff.

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