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Beginner questions

Don’t worry too much about fighting early. Build your park out to maximize coin production. Don’t waste cash or dna(unless your paying to play, then DNA probably will not be an issue For you later on).

Use trade harbor. There can be some great deals there.

try to do the daily drops to diamond level. Then buy the diamond level pack(About $4000). You get some great Dino’s there.

Use the loyalty points to get the 10000 point solid gold packs. You get great Dino’s out of it.

If the code 19 challenges come back, do them. It’s free Super hybrid DNA. You will want as much as you can get of that to create those Dino’s.

Eventually you will be using all 4 hatching chambers. Try to keep the first one( free Activation) for fast hatching Dino’s. Use the other 3 for the gold and hybrid Dino’s that can take up to 7 days.

Thanks everyone for all the replies! I will follow the suggestions.

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I’m not sure everyone would agree with the playing of the lottery and spending tons of DBs to get the final prize. If you are a VIP, by all means, do it, you will invariably get more back than what you paid. If you are not, it’s not always the best decision to spend such large amounts of DBs to get the final prize. You’ll know if you can afford that much or not on a weekly basis.

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Great info, above, but I would add this about trade harbor… sell off anything in your market area of low value. You don’t to see a trade harbor trade for a revenue tower or Amber. Occasionally, you will get $150-$250 for something you can buy with coins.

Also if you have tons of dna(vip players), spend it on gold hybrid Dino’s you have unlocked. Occasionally you see $300–$500 for gold or vip Dino’s in your market. Or sometimes 500-3000 loyalty points. Eventually, you will have so many to hatch with no time or desire to hatch them. Might as well trade them when you can.

Also use your market area as a bank to store coins for when you need them. Occasionally you see trades like 70,000,000 coins for 30,000,000 food or 99,000,000 coins for a super rare hybrid. For those who don’t have a dna factory, dna is next hardest resource to get. When the Dino’s you want cost 50,000+ a pop. If you see a great trade harbor deal, sell off a ton of your decorations to raise the instant coins you need.

Also don’t waste custom trades to get regular legendary creatures. Eventually, your not going to use them unless you need them to unlock a hybrid. Use it to get $$$ (2 legendary =$100), or better yet to get loyalty points to buy gold packs(usually 500-900 loyalty points). You get vip level Dino’s out of those. Maybe for vip players getting vip Dino’s is easy as dna, but if not, those are the best Dino’s for battle (along with super hybrids).


Above all else, have fun and keep it a game you enjoy. Everyone plays differently, so some may focus on resources, others may focus on strong dinos. I wouldn’t stress or worry about much till at least level 50 or so. By then you should have a grasp on the game mechanics and structures.

For me, one big change was coin freedom. Basically I invested time into building a non aesthetically pleasing coin production plant. (Lots of decorations around lots of dinosaurs). This essentially freed me from one resource in the game, as I always will have enough coins.

Trade harbor will be a friend, and frustrating enemy.

Grinding away PvP battles is useful for resource collection. It pays off in the long run as long as you win.

For battles, keep a tough idea of the multiples in your head for attacks.

Just don’t be in a rush and enjoy the game.


Which lottos do you play and how often do you have 4000db to buy the diamond pack?

Obviously, play the far left every time.
You need to do the 2nd slot for 70 tickets During the week to make it to diamond level at end of week. 4 of the 10x will be dna. So you will need 3 10x of cash. So $3600. Plus the $4000 to buy the diamond level pack.

So if you don’t think can make it one week, save up for next. Eventually, you can get lucky enough with harbor trades, winning pvp, daily challenges, and opening packs to sustain the cash you need to get diamond every week. But it’s a lot of work. About 8 months ago it was a lot easier to get cash in the game. They changed it Up so it’s harder to get cash. The daily challenges say you 3 chances of 25% to get cash. I would say it’s more like 2%. Plus they removed the cash out of the boss battles. You used to earn extra there.

I usually do about 40 pvp battles a day to win enough cash to sustain along the cash needed(winning at about 98%) So it’s a bunch of work, but I play while watching tv shows or the news.

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If these numbers are correct, that’s 7,600 DBs/week for a tournament + VIP dino, with no chances at extra tournament or VIP dinos (from the VIP Prize Drop).

That is pretty steep.


I guess it’s steep, but if your not paying to play, it’s the only way to get vip Dino’s. Otherwise, your not really competitive until you start getting to super hybrids and you can’t easily get super hybrid dna.

If you have a better way to get vip Dino’s, let me know. Plus for me it’s self sustaining. Nothing really better to use The cash on.

The best way to get VIP dinos is still the 10k VIP package. You can buy it no matter if you are a VIP or not.

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Not sure why you think VIPs would have “tons” of DNA (we only get 2400 extra a day, hardly a bonanza) but a bit confused about your comments following that… I assume you are not saying to actually spend DNA to get legendary dinos to trade… and especially not to trade VIPs. For a beginner I suggest keeping everything until you are able to get things hatched out, until such time as you have progressed far enough to know what you definitely don’t need to keep. I didn’t trade anything for quite some time when I started playing, and still hatch most of what I collect, while keeping my market empty.

Custom trades for LPs for them is a good way to go (apato fossil for LPs is still what I do most of the time). But coins for Jurassics for a beginner player is not a bad choice either. All those legendaries are still important, for both legendary class-specific events, but also in tournaments. And that custom trade option has a pretty decent chance of getting you back a rare or SR hybrid as well.

Most of us don’t keep tons of different decorations to sell off for coins (as it doesn’t take all that long in the game before you make so many coins, you are usually looking for something to do with them…particularly if you pay attention to maximizing coin production)… doing so just increases the chance of getting lower trade offers. Really the only one worth keeping in your market is the apato fossil. I could maybe see doing this early in the game if your coin production is really low… but still would only stash whatever your best decoration is.

The lottery is not the only way to get VIP dinos, everyone can still earn LPs in the game, and get 10K packs. DBs are very useful for beginners to be able to use CDs in tournaments to get Dominator finishes, speedup the hatchery, evolutions, etc. Personally I can’t imagine having to do 40 PvPs every single day. I’d burn out on the game pretty quickly at that pace.

What can be truly self sustaining is using DBs to keep your market clear of dinosaurs (and also mods) so that you have a constant stream of DBs coming in via trade offers.


Your right trading Dino’s for a true beginner Is harder. Yes coins for Dino’s probably is a good move for a beginner. You don’t get good stuff as easily until you can get pvp packs or completing daily challenges. Maximize coin first. Here was a good trade today. Even a beginner can get a ton of coins.

Here was a good use of coin to buy decorations turned into cash. I also got $125 cash for a Hammond statue. So use excess coin to get extra structures and decorations. Normally I put about 150,000,000 in the raptor pit Daily hunting down gold mods.

But for the farther along players, Yes, I am suggesting buying unlocked legendary Gold Dino’s and leaving them in your market. Occasionally you will get a trade offer for them. I don’t know about you, but if I can get $500 for a Dino that I can replace for 4000 - 8000 dna, I will take that in a hearbeat! I am not going to use That Dino for food or dna. But if I get say an offer of 1000 -2000 loyalty points for Dino that costs me 4000 dna, I would do that too. Occasionally I will trade the wimpy vips for a ton of cash too.

Yeah, 2400 dna a day is not that much, I thought it was more. Still it 2400 more than I get. I probably have to win 5 pvp matches for that much.

Yes, gold packs are great. Buy all the 10,000 you can get. But diamond fidelity packs are 24 vip Dino’s where as gold packs are 18.

Also, what does apo fossil usually bring in thru custom trade? I normally trade these guys and they fetch 500 - 900 loyalty or 2 for $100.

The lotto is the only way for non vip players to get 50k vips.

If you need them to complete a beacon group…

@mrbill2084, I was intrigued by your idea and so I decided to do the lotto this last week and buy the diamond pack. However I didn’t spend any Dinobucks during the week on tickets. As you can see, the final price is a lot lower than you might have expected.

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thats a way to go. I paid $3796? (just under $3800) So you paid $1500 more for the pack and did not get a spin on the gold wheel. The gold wheel has a few items you can’t get unless your vip. I would have to check what, but wurehosarus is one, but if you going to short on cash, thats still a good choice.

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So all non-DB lottos yields a gold prize of 1469DB and Diamond of 5469DB.

That is good information.

If you spend all week converting LP to DB in the trade harbor at a rate of about 3:2 (not that you get to pick how many total trades you’ll get), it could be considered about 8203LP.


Edit: on bill’s post… oh spend 3600DB on lotts AND you get the gold pack. THAN for 4000DB more at the end, you can buy out the Diamond pack.

What dinos in the Gold pack are VIP only? They all looked like Tourney dinos.

Thanks for the info!

actually my math was off. It takes $1600 x3 = $4800. You dont get a gold pack, you get a wheel spin. you have a chance to get a pack, but its usually a gold pack dino, but a I think there a few you cant normally get. As soon As I can get back to gold I will look.

also I dont think those numbers are always the same to buy the packs. I think it might be less to buy up to diamond if you get close to finishing the level. I did once try to get to end of diamond. Buy you cant buy enough tickets without spending real money.(I think I bought 4 x 10 gold tickets). I think the way they changed the game, you might actually be able to do it. there is 1 hour when the turns overlap. So you would have an extra ticket buying round. But you dont get easy cash in the game like you used to.

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