Beginner Team Advice Needed


Hey, I’m new to the game. I noticed that when I battle, it takes a random four dinos. Right now I have five in my team but could add more. I don’t want to add more though if it means having less chance of utilizing great dinos like the Vraptor. Should I just go and fill in my right right now and get used to them, or should I maximize and use the five I have in order to ensure having Vraptor more often for battles? Been playing for three days, any help is appreciated


You can’t keep using only five creatures,or you pvp rank will stuck soon.
Also, V-raptor is powerful but easily countered by armor creatures.
Keep power up V-raptor, you will need Einiosaurus, Majungasaurus and Numdasuchus to create their mixture creatures.(Power up them until lv5 and save DNA for fusing)
Stegosaurus is also practical for you, especially in counter opponent’s V-raptor.


Yeah, and you want to stay away from using the amphibians. The dinos already pack enough punch, so stick with them in your team. I already have one, and it’s been sitting in my collection forever. I benched it after fighting one that was levelled three above me. I one-hit it with V-raptor, and the overgrown salamander rolled over unconscious.


Hey there! Velociraptor is by far the best common dinosaur in game. But she is not the best dinosaur in game in general. You will want to improve your team with more levels, different dinosaurs with more rarities, etc. For that, you will need lots of dna, so don’t be afraid to go and fill your team slots. The random draws are also part of what makes battle so exciting! You never know what you will get.

For low level dinosaurs, here is my advice. Velociraptor, tarbosaurus, nundasuchus, parasaurolophus, tanycolagreus, stegosaurus, euoplocephalus, apatosaurus. I’d say those are the 8 best common dinosaurs. Then you will start improving your team with rares and epics.

More pieces of advice: don’t level up nundasuchus or einiasaurus over level 5, at that point you want to keep collecting their DNA and use it for one of the best rares in game: their hybrid einiasuchus. Avoid dinosaurs like sarchosuchus or iguanodon all together, they are just bad. And for your team, just try different dinosaurs until you find what works best for you


They are not so bad. Granted, the common diplocaulus is a bit meh but she saved me a few times in very early arenas. And diplocaulus gen 2 as well as koolasuchus gen 2 are useful in mid arenas. I’m currently on arena 6 and koolasuchus is still useful sometimes.

Sure, there are better dinosaurs than diplocaulus, but if she can’t find them, she can still use that one


Technically, diplocaulus, koolasuchus, sarcos, nundas, postos, purrus - even dimetrodons - weren’t dinosaurs.

Diplos and Koolas were amphibians (overgrown salamanders), sarcos and purras were huge crocs, dimetrodons were pelycosaurs, posto and nunda were rauisuchian therapsids.

I agree with your comment on the sarco. It’s way too slow to use in the arena. The same thing with the purra. And as for hybrids, majundasuchus is a good one to have, especially when it’s levelled up to 10 or higher.


Use suchumimus, I loved him for a short period of time and nundasuchus is amazing to for beginning. Keep leveling him up to and he will be an important ingredient for making an awesome hybrid.


I would advice against this. On paper the bleeding effect sounds good. When I was low level I used it a lot and it’s true it granted me a few wins or ties. But it’s actually rather bad, the damage is so low even the bleeding effects don’t make up for it. Unless you have it very high level I would recommend other options for high damage, like nundasuchus, tanycolagreus or velociraptor.


Agreed, it’s not a great one. But I enjoyed using for the short period of time. To bad the hybrid it makes isnt great, cause it’s cool on the surface but damage output is quite underwhelming.