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Beginner Team advice

Hello there

I am looking for some help with my Team since I don‘t exactly know what to pick and what to collect/push

I recently got the Gorgo in my team but now I have 3 1/2 ferocious with the Purrolyth and this seems like a little too much. It still works dough and I really like Tyrano as well as the Gorgo. What do you think?

Further more I’m trying to get the Stegodeus soon to replace the Brachiosaurus.

What I really have no idea is wich Cunnigs to take. Velo still performs well in my matches around 1800 trophies but Smilo isn’t doing that good. Pyroraptor performs equally as poorly.
I haven’t tried Koolasuchus but that guy seems to have very low dmg. Rather something for raids right?

Is there any Cunnig I could get soon wich would help? Maybe with some nice swap in ability?

Thanx for any help, advice or link you guys have for me.

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save your velo dna and dont lvl it up, get indominus

Yes I’m really looking forward to the Indominus. The T-Rex is just so hard to come by and Velo is still carrying. But I already started to save the dna, Velo will stay at that lvl I think.

I hope Indo will fill the spot of T-rex and Velo and free up a new slot in my Team.
But with what should I fill it?

well first of all, to get t.rex do alliance and daily missions they are a great way to get epic dna.
Maybe try getting more epic dna and lvl up the dinos that you cant hybridize yet like carbonemys and eucladoceros

definitly do alliance missions, thats how i got my lvl 15 pyroraptor and lvl 15 smilodon

From my experience, I’d say you should drop T-rex for something. since your getting closer to more legendarys T-rex will be less viable.

There is my next problem. I’m still looking for a good alliance. I’m still in one I got randomly invited to and most player doesn’t even speak the same language :sweat_smile:

Is your clan still accepting new players?
Im looking for one wich communicate properly and uses discord or something like that.
And dose raids together. I haven’t finished just one raid yet.

So you say better to drop T-Rex rather than Gorgo or Purrolyth?
Maybe Trex for Indominus and Purrolyth too for a good cunning? With one is good and accessible soon for me?

my advice is to find an alliance with players around your level or slightly higher.

I’m not saying you have to drop it, but you will sometime soon.

Have you thought about getting monolometrodon? It’s relatively easy to make and its the second best legendary in the game (many of the top players use it) I would also tell you to get phorusaura but I saw the maiasaura you have. Also try joining alliances because they will really help you progress faster. for example: I had been stuck in ss. arcadia for a month but when i joined a good alliance, i got my first legendary (allosino) and didnt stay in an arena for more than 2 weeks (until i reached aviary where i now have been for 2 months :frowning: )

I was stuck in Mt. Sibo for 2 months :joy:

I already followed that advise to join a alliance and I’m playing now with TrykeorTreat
They gave me the tip to take Thylo (wich I already habe now) and Monolometrodon
It just pushed me to wasteland within hours to unlock the Tournament
Monolometrodon is next on my list and than Stehodeus and Indominus
Phorasura is surely great but as you said, need more Maia
Im now thinking about what to drop for Monolometrodon :thinking:
But anyway, these changes in my team should bring me very far very soon.

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I suggest that you drop the gorgosuchus for monolometrodon and Trex for indominus. you also need more cunning creatures: utahsinoraptor, monominus, alloraptor, and phorusaura would be good options to work toward. For now, I suggest using blue, pyroraptor, erlikogamma, or procerathomimus.

Imo cunning creatures are useless. I have one account at around your level and my team consists of only fierce and resilient. Indom g2 is one of the best fierce creatures to get at your level. It’s better than indom g1 in terms of moves and can easily 3-0 if used right. I recommend a couple speed boosts on indom g2 just to be able to outspeed dinos like monolomet with the mf speed buff. He can take care of almost all other fierce creatures because of cloak and if in a mirror match, go for mf then definite strike which will remove its cloak. We good for beginners

Try aiming for tyrranolophosaur, smiloceph, and alloraptor. As for creatures in general stegod, and thylo

sign up for vip to get free epic dna daily

You don’t get free epic dna with vip, what do you mean?