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Beginners Guide To Success!


So! I decided to make a guide for all of the new players out there! Please be aware that this will be a long guide (atleast I hope it is), and I am sharing the stuff and things I learned that got me where I am!
This is what the game is all about! As you open your game, there are a lot of dinosaurs around! Dinosaurs are ranked like this: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Unique!
Common dinosaurs spawn the most out of all other dinosaur types, and are usually very good at a high level. Common dinosaurs are good because they introduce the most health (Apatosaurus), armor (Euoplecocephalus), speed (Velociraptor), and critical chance (Tarbosaurus, Ophicodon)! Rare dinosaurs spawn fairly enough, and they spawn a little less than commons, but are more powerful in The Arena. Epic dinosaurs spawn very rarely, and dont spawn often, these are among the most powerful dinosaurs that spawn on the map.
Now not all dinosaurs spawn on the map, such as Legendaries and Uniques. Some dinosaurs are only found in Incubators, which we will get to later.
Dinosaur Spawns
Different dinosaurs spawn on different areas of the map. There are different zones, and different zones have different dinosaurs. Here is a picture from metahub that shows where dinosaurs spawn:

Dinosaurs can spawn in parks. Parks are areas that have a green area, and event dinosaurs tend to spawn there. Other dinosaurs that dont spawn outside of parks are only found in parks and incubators.
Event Dinosaurs
Wow, your still reading… Here you go!
Every week, there are certain dinosaurs that spawn under green supply drops. Supply drops are orange or green, and they give you darts, coins, cash, and even scent capsules! These dinosaurs usually go common, rare, and then epic! You have a certain amount of attempts to dart the dinosaurs!
When you get close to a dinosaur, you can launch a drone to get dna from the dinosaurs, which can then be used to make them in your collection!
When darting, you have a certain amount of battery life depending on how close you were when you launched. Shooting the dinosaur closer to the middle of the circle gives you more dna! You have a max amount of darts, 140. Shooting the dinosaur away from the circle deflects the dart, giving no dna.
Incubators are earned through strike events, buying them through the market, or winning battles! Battle incubators are earned through winning a battle, and they vary from 15 minute to 24 hour incubators! Cool right?
The Arena
It’s time you use the dinosaurs you got from the world to fight eachother! You use 8 dinosaurs from your collection and put them in your battle team, and 4 will randomly be chosen! Every dinosaur has different attack(s), armor, critical chances, health and speed!
Some dinosaurs have self increasing abilities, that increase damage, and/or critical chances! These are called positive effects! Shields are positive effects, too! Positive effects go through 1-4 turns, and are positive to your dinosaur! These positive effects can be removed by the opponent dinosaur if he or she does a nullifying attack. Nullifying attacks remove positive effects. Armor, speed, health, etc. aren’t positive effects.
Distracting moves decrease damage.
Armor piercing moves bypass armor.
Defense shattering moves destroy shields and bypass armor.
Shielding moves put up a shield for a certain amount of turns.
Arena Tips From Me!
The arena, is the most challenging part of the game! Heres what you want on your team: level 1-4 velociraptor, level 1-6 stegosaurus, level 6-7 gorgosaurus if you can, level 6 apatosaurus, level 6 tanycologreus, level 20 indom- sorry, level 1-7 euoplecocephalus, and the rest of your choice!
If your opponent throws out a veloci first, its best to do stegosaurus or euoplecocephalus. Stegosaurus is good with his deceleration attacks. I would suggest doing Superiority Strike first, because hes 90% of the time going to do pounce. SS cleanses distracting moves, and pounce deals the distracting move. If you do thagomizer, then you do less damage than an uncleansed strike! So do SS and finish him with a thagomizer if he won’t die to SS twice.
Bleeders… bleeders. Its highly recommended that you have atleast 1 cleanser on your team, like kaprosuchus. Bleeds aren’t cleansed by SS, so they will kill you if you don’t have impact in run… Bleeders are dino types that attack and damage over time. They are lethal if not cleansed in time, or if you dont swap in time. Swapping removes all positive effects, but it also removes negative effects…
Well, thanks for reading! Thanks to metahub for the images, and the rest of the information was given by my experience!
Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps! :grin::wave:


There was a lot more I wanted to add, but I just wanted to keep it simple. Thank you for reading this!

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simply edit it when you have more to say, baryonyx - make it a living document.


Also, if your playing, theres a free epic incubator for everyone since its Christmas :smiley:!

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Thanks for the great guide.

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I don’t see gallimimus in any of the spawn areas. Where can i get that DNA from?

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Its an arena exclusive you can get it in incubator from jurassic ruins and higher… once you start getting it youll get tons of it. Im sitting on over 40k of it atm.

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I got over 100k lmao

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I was actually down to less then 2k before 1.5 hit… i dont even think ive darted gali since then its been almost all incubators.

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Yea. Ive just never used monomimus. Created it and left it. So my galli and mono stockpile is big

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Since i refer to this page often i am updating the images to be current. Also you should mention that when darting dinos you get more spawns if you are walking in 1 direction without backtracking. I found that out after spending endless hours at my desk shooting dinos. Would have been nice to have known that from the start so i didn’t waste 50 scent capsule a day for a month and half.

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I might make a part 2 covering the rest of the things I didnt mention.
These take a really long time to make., so we’ll see what I can do.


I’ll continue to answer questions here.
I may not come by here much anymore, since it’s kinda old.
But feel free to ask me anything.


If a bear and a shark had a fight, who would win?

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The bear, because bears are professional fishers, and they can swim?
The bear would just claw the shark at the closest body part, which would be the nose, since the shark is trying to bite the bear.


Where does irritator dna come from. I hear it is arena exclusive but i am already in arena 9 and still have yet to get any significant amount. I have 50k gallimimus already.

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Irritator or irritator gen 2?
Irritator is arena exclusive. You’re lucky if theres an event with him. While irritator gen 2 spawns on the map, he is usually very plentiful.
I forgot which zone.


So irritator doesnt spawn on the map.


Is there a specific arena level that gives more than the others? I blew right by 1 through 6 and didn’t spend that much time in 7 but if i need to go back i can.


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