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Where does irritator dna come from. I hear it is arena exclusive but i am already in arena 9 and still have yet to get any significant amount. I have 50k gallimimus already.

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Irritator or irritator gen 2?
Irritator is arena exclusive. You’re lucky if theres an event with him. While irritator gen 2 spawns on the map, he is usually very plentiful.
I forgot which zone.

So irritator doesnt spawn on the map.

Is there a specific arena level that gives more than the others? I blew right by 1 through 6 and didn’t spend that much time in 7 but if i need to go back i can.


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I dont think irritator is in any other arena than arena 5.
Irritator is one of those dinos that are hard to get.
The plentiful resource of irritator comes from events.
Hopefully we get an irritator event :slightly_smiling_face:

When you have 200k gallimimus, you may have a mid level magna…maybe 24-25, which means you have a long way to go!

Last time I had 50k gallimimus was 7 months ago…

you need to battle like crazy to get more irritator dnas, maybe winning 10-20 a day, BTW, irritators are more likely in the 15 min incubator.

Also you can get it by buying incubators, if financial is not your burden.

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This is why I’m not on the leaderboard.

Irritator gen 2 is Zone 1.

Wrong, irritator gen 2 is global


Is Alanqa arena exclusive and if so which is the best arena level to get that DNA? Does the dna you are referring to come from those battle incubators? Because i have been in Lockwood estate for over a month and i haven’t gotten any erlikosaurus dna from those 8 hour incubators. When i was in level 6 i didn’t get any trex dna.

Not really sure those are accurate.

Thank you for this @Baryonyx I definitely could have done with a guide when starting out the game. To this day am still learning things that may seem obvious. Nice work :+1:

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Thx for the guide, i wasn’t aware of the exact kind of dino’s/field and i’m not a beginner, lvl 20 it is :o

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I believe alanqa is event and incubator only.
Alanqa is usually in epic incubators and the arena incubators. If you really want that DNA instead of waiting for an event, I suggest dropping arenas.

Thanks for appreciating it!
I didnt expect to see everyone come over here!
Thanks for the support!!

Hi baryonyx,
Can you tell me how close i need to be to a darting target to get full time on it? Is it 50 meters, 40 meters, 15 meters? I want the max time because a lot of time i fire that last dart but i don’t see it hit.

In those situations where you don’t see it land does that still count towards your total?


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At about 35 meters, your battery is full.
Anything closer will have an extended battery.

50 meters for VIP, 30 for nonvip

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Here are the current spawn images as of update 1.6

Dropping arenas hasn’t panned out for me. I have been in the badlands since the end of the tournament and i have only received 60 irratator dna. When i was in Lockwood estate i never received erlikosaurus. Are those exclusive dinos supposed to mean something because i am only ever getting Arambourgiania and Stygimoloch dna.

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Certain dinos like irritator, dont spawn on the map.
They are arena exclusive and can be found in events. Just pray that they give you an event with them :joy:.

You dont have to drop. I personally dont do it.