Can your help those people like me as I just started the game and don’t know which hybrid to make and what Dino’s I should dart and how to do battles


Gamepress can help you a lot! They’re the guys/gals that cover stuff regarding the game! You could try joining their discord(wink,wink)?We can help too! Another thing you can do is download the jwa field guide app which has a crud ton of info!

  • Just dart everything you see
  • Join an Alliance so you can request DNA and get alliance rewards (coins/cash/Dna)
  • Never evolve a creature past lvl 15 unless they don’t have a hybrid or it’s hybrid requires it to be lvl 20. (Some creatures have a hybrid at lvl 10 so stop evolving there and start fusing it’s hybrid)
  • Spin all supplydrops you encounter (coins/cash/darts/FIP tokens used in sanctuaries)
  • Keep up with the forum so you’ll know which event creatures spawn where
  • start PvP battling as soon as possible as every win rewards incubators (coins, boosts & dna)
  • open your free incubator every 6 hours (coins/darts/FIP tokens/Dna)
  • try finishing your daily missions (coins, cash & dna)
  • HAVE FUN :slight_smile:

What @Poezzzie says 100%.

Welcome to the Jurassic World Alive. :t_rex::sauropod:

  • Explore the area around you to learn the Local Spawn Zones (I found it helpful to print out a map from Google Maps and mark in different colors when I spotted indicator creatures that spawn on the map). This is one of the most reliable ways to get dinos you want, especially non-hybrid commons and rares.
  • Don’t forget to stop by the JWA Facebook or Twitter accounts each day for free cash.
  • Free Tapjoy cash in the app is hit or miss (though I’ve heard some players swear by it), but there are some nuggets every once in a while.
  • Don’t underestimate sanctuaries, they can provide steady DNA over time.
  • Don’t let the in-game currencies confuse you: coins are the most useful for new players to progress so it’s good to focus your in-game cash on these first.
  • Don’t worry about boosts until your player level is 10 (you can’t use them until then anyway).
  • Scent capsules are great but you need to walk to get the most out of them. 2 minutes between each spawn and you should move at least 100 feet (32 meters) between spawns for best results.
  • Don’t buy extra darts, just spin supply drops often (especially green ones at close range).
  • Try not to spin chests beyond close range since you only get 25% of the potential reward, closer is always better with these.

There’s a lot of subtle complexity in this game, but once you get the basics down it’s very rewarding. Welcome to JWA!


Thanks a lot guys

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May I ask which super hybrid should I make as I am getting very close to noodopatosaur and there are 3 super hybrid

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Hmm… I like stegodeus. Nodopatotitan’s a decent tank and if boosted well CAN work up high, if you’re patient. Gigaspika is pretty worthless

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But noodopatotitain when evolved gets to a higher level right?

Well… nodotitan(or noodle as we affectionately call it) can be a great counter to a lot of things, like the annoying yoshi(procerathomimus) which is op at the lower/mid-ish levels. Stegod is more of a good generalist tank.

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I miss the days of good Gigaspika. It was a mainstay on my team in late 2018 as one of my first legendaries. I feel like it needs a buff to reach parity with Stegodeus and Nodopatotitan.

For a long time, Stegod was my highest leveled legendary because it’s surprisingly well balanced and is a great counter to Indominus. #BringBackStegodAPR

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@Carnoraptor.troodon, definitely, what our JWA family has said. Have fun, coins, alliance, and dart everything.


OK will try


Great! And remember, you can always ask for help from us here on the forums, or gamepress


Sorry but I have been playing for about a month using guest than I decided to join google play thinking that it will transfer my progress to google play but when I played with google play it deleted everything than I disconnected from google play to guest but every thing was gone

Ludia is there a way u could help

Um I just suddenly got all my stuff back


Nice! They must’ve listened! That or google was slow…

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I just got a noodopatosaurus level 17 but not that good so I should make a stegodetus? And unit will be better? And what other hybrids are easy to make but strong

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@Carnoraptor.troodon, Stegodeus is a pretty good tank. 30% armor is nice.
In the near future, you may end up also using that Stegosaurus DNA for Stegoceratops, and then send it to Monostegotops.
I agree that Stegodeus is a fantastic choice!