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Behavior change for Rend/DOT in Round 2 of Bosses

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Bug Description: In 2.0, Round 2 Rend/DOT were based on the round 2 health only. In 2.1, it appears they are based on the full health of the Boss from Round 1. This is based both of back-of-the-envelope estimates of expected damage, and the fact that damage from these attacks is the same between round 1 and 2, where before it was halved between round 1 and 2. Either behavior is acceptable, but I didn’t see the change noted for the release. (Did I miss it?)

Area is was found in: Raid Boss, Round 2

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Advance to Round 2
Step 2 - Use a DOT or Rend attack

How often does it happen: All the time

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else?
If the rend/DOT is based on the full dino health, does that mean that a boss could in principle heal above it’s round 2 starting health?