Behold! The Gastonia!

A new Ankylosaur comes to Jurassic world!

Behold, the Gastonia, sporting tough armor and spiky defenses, this creature is sure to strike fear into any who dare meet the wrong end of its slashing tail.


Hey all! Thought I’d come back today with a personal favorite of mine, the Gastonia. This was my favorite Ankylosaur growing up (especially after watching Jurassic fight club). I thought it would be an interesting take to have a Ankylosaur that would be able to deal damage over time as it’s primary form of damage. Balance-wise, Gastonia doesn’t quite keep up with most Fierce creatures, losing out against common threats like T. Rex, Indominus Rex Gen 2, Postimetrodon, Dimodactylus, Spinotahraptor, Secondontosaurus, and Edaphosaurus. With hard counters coming from the entire Dimetrodon-like line, Tyrannolophosaurus, and both indominuses. It’s excellent in matchups against Cunning and Flock creatures, with some reliability against Resilient creatures. I think overall this creature would actually see more of a primary use in raids, specifically the Brachiosaurus and Blue raids, with the ability to shield the team and a revenge ability to apply DOT to all opposing creatures.

Overall, I think this creature seems relatively balanced for it’s use. Being a unique addition to the Ankylosaurus line with it being the first of it’s kind to use DOT as it’s primary dispensary of pain. The original build for this creature had a Wounding Strike as it’s quick use skill, it dealt .5% DOT when it hit, but I found the DOT stack against creatures without a resilence or immunity to be too much along with the counter, so i instead gave it a resilient strike to be more of a Cunning counter instead. I also think that the wildcard classification for this creature could be a toss up, as I also considered it to be a Fierce Resilient, but I’d like to have your opinions on the matter!

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Do you like this creature?

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What would you use the Gastonia for?

  • Raids and PVP
  • Raids
  • PVP
  • I’d just collect it and wait for a hybrid tbh

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This is what we need! We definitely need more Herbivores that are actually strong (and by that I mean in a fierce/cunning format, because there are a lot of good herbs rn). I love the kit you built for this Gastonia, mostly because it breaks all herbivore rules and that instantly makes it good. Might you be able to do Diabloceratops next? (It could be really good with a defense shattering move-set)


Oooo diabloceratops would be a fun next project

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Nice idea! We need more stuff like this in the game that break the rules of their animation and actually making sense. I really like your concepts.
-Average Spinosaurid (he’s suspended, I’m just his messenger)


Yea specifically for the Gastonia, it’s avenging skewer attack would look more like a stegosaur using its thagomizer when it swings.