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Behold! The Ultimate Raiding Creature

So powerful, it can solo Apexs…

This was done for funsies lol


interesting design although there is no way ludia would add this but I love the moves and the creature its self.

Oh they definitely wouldn’t add it. At least, not with that kit. It’s waaaaay to OP, and only loses to itself in the Battle Simulator

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How does it even die? Every hit taken, it goes straight back to full hp so I don’t know how you got it to die to itself

If it was a raid its easily defeatable The most damge in the game is 50000+ thyla 3 irris vs hadros lux raid proves

The counter-attack is armor piercing and is effected by the attack increase as well. In a 1 v1 with itself, the only deciding factor as to who wins is which moves get selected in what order.

Three of it’s moves nullify attack increase AND it cleanse and heals itself every time it’s attacked.

Just say that it is terrible to get ludia to add it

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Hey @Ned , how about it? :stuck_out_tongue: