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Behold the ultimate Stegod!

Is he not beautiful?

Pretty rare sight. Is that the maximum health in the game, or can Maxine go even higher?


Looks like a delicious treat for my tarkus.


Geminititan has the most HP in the game, so let’s use her instead of Ardentismaxima. A level 30 Geminititan with 20 HP boosts would have 10939 health. Now that’s a lot of health.

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Same for our lord and saviour Apatosaurus.


Same for Diplodocus.

Apato and Diplo have high HO than Gemini.

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Apato, Diplo and Gemini all have the same amount of HP.

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And immunity. So, no risk to bleed the OP’s stegodeus to death with a 5 lvl sucho…

My Spyx wants to see it bleed.

For clarity, it’s not my Stegodeus, but one I encountered in the arena (like I can afford to max boost a critter at level 30 - my highest dino level is 26!)

I have a soft spot for Stegodeus, but I would question the wisdom of putting so much resource into one.


Stegodeus has 30%armor so I guess it’s higher if we consider that factor.

now that’s a real tank

with FS + RTC + DSR crit, my tryostronix could one-shot it :smirk:


Lol a level 16 spinoto can beat that :joy:

Why would anyone waste speed on stegodeus???i mean a 127 speed stegodeus?does it have a use??
i prefer my version which is not maxed on boosted


Exactly use that sped on something else

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Yeah you’re right.

Indeed, as well as Puru delivering 3k counterattacks.

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I don’t think you play this game actually

That’s a monster