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Being a moderator is fun!

I just did the date with Eveline/Jade, where I got to be a moderator for the first time, and when that anonymous user came online and said what they said, I did not go easy on them. It was so satisfying to embarrass them for being a terrible person. :laughing:

But it sucks that I’ll have to wait until she’s updated again before seeing what her reaction to the situation was; two conversations is not enough!


Did you do the dirty joke option?

:joy::joy::joy: It was classic.

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Of course, I ALWAYS take the dirty option whenever possible! :joy: :rofl:


Gives me something to catch up on along with Ingrid and Elizabeth since no release today

I was pretty much dead silent the entire time. :sweat_smile: Not gonna lie, that date made me deeply uncomfortable. I’m genuinely glad they have a LI and plotline that shows ethical sex work in a positive light, but it’s also very much not for me, so I’m using it to gem mine. :see_no_evil:

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It was a bit awkward for me, which I wasn’t expecting as I’ve watched these kinds of streams on cam sites a few times before. I guess for me, it’s because I’ve grown close to Eveline, so seeing people type things like in chat directed towards people you’re close to it’s bound to be a weird experience.

I’m also glad they have a storyline that positively shows ethical sex work, especially when so many people and companies demonise the industry and the people involved in it for no reason.

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Both Eveline and Jade are awesome I was apprehensive about the camgirl aspect at first but they are just well written so I got over it

There really is no denying that the camgirl story line does exactly what they want it to do.

It draws you in, forces an emotional investment then drops you right into the stigma of it all. You’re supposed to get upset. You’re supposed to want to protect her. It takes a very hot button issue, throws it in your face and forces you to confront the dark reality of it.

The reality that at the end of the day she’s a human being like any other. Deserving of the same respect and love but often the subject of hate and perversion instead.