Being a park manager in desperate times

The time of an almost worldwide curfew is definitely going to come. I hope that Ludia has some great ideas to keep us busy and to cheer us up in those hard times go come.

That requires that all the great guys from Ludia are not too much affected by the ongoing restrictions.

I wish everyone from Ludia and all my fellow park manager friends all the best. Everything is going to be fine in the end.

Stay healthy!!


@Tommi, thanks for the kind words to all. And to add, take care of each other out there!

I’m very grateful that we have a game like this, and those here on this forum. Life and work have become vastly more busy on my end.

Hope everyone is doing well!


For sure it’s a hard time both for our real and our game life. In my park, the roads don’t have even one visitor! Everyone stayed at home! How I will get money for my park? Wait, always was like that, didn’t it?:joy: So our parks don’t have to close right? Right?

Just a joke to cheer us all up. I hope that Ludia people will use the help of technology as much as they can in order to continue the game, even if the most of them should stay at home. I wish them the best and the same for all of you guys


We are for sure in uncharted territory for I think at least the the current and maybe last two generations? We have not been tested as a species like this for quite some time, I think the Spanish flu was the last wide spread pandemic. There have been lots of smaller scale out breaks but nothing on this scale. I am thinking good thoughts for everyone out there. Stay vigilant in the practices that will keep you, your loved ones, your family, your friends, and your community safe. On the other side of this we have the opportunity to be a stronger more resilient group of people.

If you are trying to find things to do to keep you busy… a complete park overhaul (depending on your level) could take a few hours, try using all of a single rarity of a creature group in PvP, go for a walk (taking the appropriate precautions), find things that for you enrich your mind and your body. Stay safe out there.


@Tommi I was thinking the same thing as far as hoping the folks at Ludia would give us more events (as long as they are safe and able). I did however notice that there seemed to be more events this week for sure. Such as the boss event during the week. I can’t recall there ever being a midweek boss event. That certainly passed some time. I also noticed today that there are 4 incubators for hatching new dinos. So I am taking advantage of that as well.
I hope all my fellow dinosaur trainers stay safe and make it through this most unprecedented time unscathed. Be well my friends…


Just to let you guys knows if you haven’t seen it allready… There are 4 creation lab pods available… The second pod also only costs 50db instead of the regular 100.


I never used the 100DB pod. (Too expensive.)

Will the 50DB slide left when the first one finishes or is it like the hatchery?

I assume the first one, will allways be free, and therefore wont get filled with the creature next to it, when the first pod is done… But I assume this… because for me the 100 db for the second pod is also too expensive.

The pods do not slide so put your long fusers out in the forth or third pod.


It is too sad that I do not have any long fuses at the moment, only more commons to fuse than I can count. I wonder were they all come from.:wink:


Crossing fingers my area doesn’t go full quarantine… Going to the store or taking a walk is the only thing left to do if you work remote like I do!
Be careful, everyone! And if you know anyone in at risk population (elderly or compromised immune system), give them a call to make sure they’re okay!
And Ludia, the more events you have, we’ll take them!


I consider myself one of the really lucky ones… as a web developer that works from home, and lives alone, my life is relatively unimpacted for the most part. Was fairly well stocked on food and other supplies so pretty much ready to stay in for some time. Mostly worried for loved ones, especially my mom who’s 83. She’s in excellent health for her age, better than me in fact, but scary what this virus is doing in the elderly.


Thank you @Tommi for your uplifting post! It’s definitely great to have this amazing community to keep in touch with during this time. And dino’s are a wonderful distraction for me. My partner, a very good friend of ours and I are currently vacationing in French Polynesia. And with all of the notices and closures it’s getting stressful to figure out if we’ll be able to get home at all. So while I’m working to keep both of them calm and confident knowing I’ll get us home… I keep checking here to enjoy bonding with this community to help my sanity! So thank you @Tommi for this wonderful post, but also to the rest of the JWTG forum community for being such a great resource to each other. It’s been uplifting to see good people worldwide stepping up to help everyone during this time of heightened stress/anxiety/fear/illness. And having a supportive worldwide community here - bonding initially solely over a game, but reaching out to each other at this time as well is heart-warming. It can sometimes be hard to remember that there are good people in the world based on the news we are bombarded with. So thank you to this group for the support here and Ludia for giving us extra code 19s/missions/fusion chambers.


I’m not sure if I’m too happy that there are more Code 19s. I do them because I always feel the need to do everything in this game, but I still do not like them.


rewards are nice though :wink: