Being able to lock your favorite dragons and adding more team slots

For the past few months i feared that one day, i would feed one of my team members to another dragon, and welp, a few days ago i checked my storage and my Mob-Clobber (3 hushbogle) disappeared (I am assuming that i accidentally used it on chestnut).

Now that wont really be an issue as i could train another one in a few days, but i feel like next time i might actually accidentally use one of my maxed out 5s, i feel like we should be able to lock our favorite dragons, or maybe add them to a favorite list.

More team slots in my opinion is a must, not many people talk about it but the game seems to push you into making more and more teams.

there are some teams that in my opinion are a must:

  • Hybrid team (recommended using 5* hybrids or even top tier 4* hybrids like Fanfir, Copsekeep, etc).
  • Your main team
  • 4* team
  • trust point team
  • 2* team
  • 3* team
  • Shellfire counter team
  • Green d. counter team
  • Screaming d. counter team
  • Foreverwing counter team
  • Bewilderbeast counter team

So there we have 11 teams, and tehnically we could go even more wild

another cool thing about having more team slots would be that if we arent into team building, we could use these slots even to lock our favorite dragons

Hopefully at least one of these suggestions will be implemented into the future :dolphin:


Unlimited roster space!!!


I was thinking more along the lines of having more than 5 dragons per 1 team so that way you could have backup dragons right there instead of constantly losing since you have 2 dragons of the same color that are good but you want an all color team at the same time

I personally think 5 dragons is fine, in late game 5 dragons are gonna be enough

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