Being able to PVP against friends (FB and non-FB friends)

I would like to have a feature so I can do PVP with a friend as long as they are doing the same thing (going to the VS friend PVP). They don’t have to be logged in to Facebook; each player has a unique ID that is changeable, they go to the PVP thing and they go to one that says: “Friend Battle”. They put in the ID of the friend and they can battle as long as the other user puts their friend’s ID.

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The PvP in this game is only just an illusion, you don’t actually fight other players. This game does not have any PvP netcode.

  • ~5 seconds every time to match an opponent with “similar” ferocity and team compositions.

  • every enemy has dinos at levels other than the increments of 10, aka the highest level you can feed a dino to before evolving.

  • the opponent does not go first in tournaments

  • some questionable plays the opponent does

So hate to say it, but friends and real PvP are very unlikely to be added to this game, especially 7 years after the game’s release.