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Being charged more than listed price!

Ok so I thought I would buy a little cash in game, bought the $30.99 2600 dino-cash pack, and to my horror i check my bank (im prompted on my phone when something is purchsed) it says ive been changed a whopping $53.97!!!

What the heck happened? I would NEVER have bought the dino-cash had I known it was that expensive!

The store in game says “$30.99”, why am I being charged WAY more than the listed price?

This is straight up false advertising, which is against the law here in Australia for a company to do!

Im contacting support and getting my money back, or if need be, my bank! They will be very interested to see the in game screenshot I took of the listed price, and then they will see what I was actually charged!

Mind you there is ZERO explaination as to why I would be charged more than, you know, IT SAYS IN GAME!

If you are selling something in a game, list its ACTUAL price, dont slap on hidden charges or something!

Very angry Ludia!

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Whoa, screen shots?

What currency do you use?

Edit : Nvm, I see you’re in Australia. What is the difference between your currency and USD? Think that may be it? I doubt it is, but maybe?

Asta: even if conversion from AUD to US dollars the difference should be
no more than a few dollars plus or minus depending on the exchange
rate when the actual purchase was made, so going by the original price of
$30.99c AUD then converted to US dollars the total price in AUD currency
should have been no more than this…>> 30.99 Australian Dollar equals
$21.67 United States Dollar at the current exchange rate ! so they were
definitely overcharged a considerable amount thats for sure! btw that
exchange rate you can see from AUD to USD is correct according to
the mainstream currency that almost 90% of people use when converting
money from one currency to another daily !
so considering they paid an exorbitant amount of $53.97 AUD they should
have received 7,800 in game cash instead … true ?? lol :slight_smile:


That is crazy. Make sure to save screen shots, will make getting this resolved easier.

Here take a look at this!

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That is so strange. :confused:

I hope it gets resolved.

Ludia should reply quickly. and take this with heat.

Its bad enough most of the in game app is overpriced and now this ?

Stiffeno: when you lodge your complaint make certain that it also includes
a screenshot of the current exchange rate between AUD and USD that
way they can see you were overcharged by a considerable amount and
would have no problems hopefully in refunding your money to you.

hope you update us on what ludia did to try and fix it

well considering they were charged almost 3 times the current exchange
rate ( AUD to USD ) LUDIA should at the very least give * free of charge mind you *
an amount of in game cash totaling somewhere near or at $10,000 in game cash to
make up for the colossal stuff up in the actual purchase price of $30.99 AUD / USD
true ??? lol

Here is the current exchange rate!

Also im opening the trouble ticket as we speak!

Its a shame this had to happen coz I wanted to use the cash to do a few things in game, now this is gunna take lord knows how long to resolve.

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Maybe they just sit it out and wait what happens. Perhaps they try some sort of new money making mechanism and hope most people won‘t care or even check. :thinking:

Fun aside…this is why I also record every thing I do in JWA. Battles, strike towers, darting rare/epic dinos, and also bying things. I bought some paket many weeks ago and made screenshots to be safe.

Wish u best and that u‘ll get ur money back. This must never happen and hopefully Ludia will make some exception and contact u. Instead of just sitting and doing nothing.

Well I have opened a trouble ticket, but im thinking I might see where the problem lies, I made some other smaller cash packs purchases earlier today, which arent showing up in my bank account as seperate purchases…

In my iTunes purchase history it shows 4 things as pending:
A 500 dino cash pack
A 2600 cash pack which i THINK if i recall correctly failed or clicked cancel by mistake and instead went with a 1200 dino cash pack!
Then finally the most recent 2600 dino cash pack that this thread is about!

When I add up all 4 values together, and subtract the i THINK cancelled one, it adds up to…$53.97, the exact amount that my phone alerted me about.

So what im thinking is that the 3 purchases are actually showing up on my bank statement TOGETHER, it doesnt actually say 3 purchases it just has a big 53 dollar hunk pending, which cant be a coincidence!

Im still going to not touch the cash until I know for 100%. My last dino pack was a $14.99 one that came out of my account today, but says the value date was the 1st of May as purchase date, which ties in with what my iTunes purchase history says.

So in theory in a couple of days I should know for sure! But im still going to have Ludia support look into it just to be sure. I dont want to go use up all the 2600 dino cash, then suddenly see the other purchases come out of my account ON TOP of the 53.97.

i really hope they give you some kind of compensation, i mean its not your fault after all.