Being cheated out of green bucks


Followed through on the games, did what I was asked, got to the levels I was supposed to.
And… get nothing but wasted data, wasted time and nothing else.
So is Ludia fixing this? Nope, support is an invalid email.
I’ll probably be unsubscribed after this cycle, VIP is weak and you get cheated.
This game was fun, but not if it is going to be wasting my time.


You should have read the forum. It’s been being like this for a month, but Ludia doesn’t care. You’ve bought VIP account, now you’re done, Ludia will wait for another victim and never solves the player’s problems.


I was jaded for a week too but Tapjoy finally responded to my support ticket and got the cash I was owed. Ludia followed up in the in-game support shortly after to make sure it was all good. It took a week, which is not ideal. But it did get resolved.