Being kicked/ not entering a match but match continues and losses because of so please fix


Twice in the battle arena the game has fought for me and I I ended up losing the first time I was waiting for match to start and it froze at the searching screen so I had to restart the app and when it loaded back up I was one dinosaur down and my Second one was about to die and the Second time it happened the game kicked me from the match (I was one dinosaur in and about to kill his first) saying it was because of connection issues so I tried looking for another match it froze in the search screen again I restarted the app like I did before and when it loaded up I was in the first fight my dinosaur was dead second one about to die and I ended up losing both matches because of this problem I don’t know if anyone else had this problem But just want to bring it to your attention please fix soon


I have had this happen too only to find out I’m still in the match getting destroyed.


Jep, had the same thing once. Waited the full 2 minute countdown. I closed the game and opened it again because I didn’t really trust it. And sure enough, I was in the middle of the battle already lost 1 dino.


I think ludia are aware this is happening to players because they’ve written a support article about it:


I’ve had it happen several times and the funny thing is for me it’s always seems to be the other person’s internet causing the connection issue because when it happens I have nearly perfect signal but somehow after I reload the app they seem to be battling like nothing happened to them