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Being Matched Against Opponents in Higher Arenas

Bug Description: Recently nearly half my matches are against opponents in higher level Arenas with significantly higher level (8 levels higher Dino’s and super boosted Dino’s ( often 10 points more speed boosts


Area is was found in: Arena Battles

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Play Arena battles
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: 40-50 percent of time.

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? See attached pictures of one opponents Dino and Arena Ranking taken a few secs after match). I am in 4500 to 4999 Arena not the one above.

Your can only see their high score so its entirely possible they had a bad streak of matches an ended up back in avairy… i myself normally bounce between 5200-4800. But if im at 4800 it still shows my high score of 5200.

They could have also dropped though i find library match making superior to avairy so i dont see the logic.

Their is significantly less people playing this season compared to last… there is a very good chance Ludia widened match making to keep wait times between matches as low as possible.

It could be all of these things or one of these things.

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I faced teams of 27+ level dinos constantly. My team ranges from 26 to 24 level dinosaurs. You just have to outplay them

My Team is 19-22, hard to out play them, when their Team is 26-30 and boosted at least twice yours !

At least the Match is over quickly, but cannot understand why lose 30+ trophies - same if matched against opponent with same level of Dinosaurs!

To previous comment, there isn’t long wait time, usually matched within a few seconds. Supposed to be if cannot match you, should battle AI. Obviously not happening.

You dont want to battle the ai atm either those teams are still balanced with the old boost system stats.

You dont see the longer match making times cause Ludia adjusted algorithms to match making. Wider search parameters means quicker matches even with less people.

The faster match times in avairy are proof the widening match making because i use to get matches against the ai at 4800 pretty often and never see them anymore.


Yeah, I lose more AI battles lately than PvP ones.

Only had 1 AI battle in last few weeks, and it was a lot easier to beat than opponents with Dino’s 6-8 levels above mine.

Plus been facing non-AI opponents with 142 - 150 speed Dino’s, across their whole Team. Not sure with new boosts, how they manage it !

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