Being taken as a hostage in a raid is the worst

Its annoying to go into a unique raid and nobody other than you has a correct creature to play and you get curious for what they’ll do but one loses immediately but the other two won’t surrender. Being held hostage in an un-winnable raid where the healer keeps healing instead of letting us die and someone currently alive goes offline. This went on for 7 minutes
Curiosity killed the cat.


Just shouldn’t do a unique raid with a random team. Very hard for legendaries, too.


Exactly why raid auto lobbies were a horrible idea. Never would I join a blind raid invite or auto lobby. Communication and organization is key.


Exactly, I only join a random invite to try to get a lobby hoping people leave it. Same with autofill, I keep kicking until I find someone that seems to understand what they are doing. It’s really an emergency measure when we only have 3 to raid and miss a 4th.

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#autofilljoys lolololol

One time I was kicked from a raid when I actually picked the correct moves and the other person in the raid did not - that person didn’t get kicked but I did… go figure. Autofill really is only good for rare raids. Even epics like Brachi can be tough if people don’t know how to raid or have never seen a strat. PS - I am a veteran raider, so I’ve seen a thing or two :joy:

I did get lucky one time - I and another person from my alliance decided to try autofill with Morty and the raiders who showed up actually knew what they were doing. Granted, Morty is an easier raid, but it still takes someone with some raid knowledge and a decent dino to pull it off without any real strat. I think I tried that raid one other time and won on Autofill, but it was a close call. The rest of the raids are pretty tough. I will not even try Imperato, Andrew, or Rinchi autofill - NOPE! I will not!

I am tempted to post a topic here for people who are not experienced raiders - one for basic starts for basic raids. I think one of the issues is some people may not know where to look for raid starts. The vast majority of starts are posted on Discord, so if you are not a user of Discord or know where to look for the most recent starts, you are left guessing.

Whats even worst is the bug that even when everyone agrees to surrender the raid will randomly ignore your option and force you to finish it


oh yes lol - that’s torture

Technically Phoru is a fairly forgiving raid. I’ve gotten random invites for Phoru with some raiders who had no clue even before autofill was a thing and we still won despite two of the raiders picking all of the wrong moves. In that instance, we were a hostage - I and the other guy who randomly invited me tried surrendering, but the other rejected each time :joy: At least we won LOL Another time we did the raid and someone picked an unconventional creature and we still won. However, this would be impossible with Andrew and Albertospinos